Seven Figure Businesses Coaches Train Entrepreneurs, Free

On Thursday, Nov 16, starting at 7am PST, the Entrepreneur Empowerment Institute is running four Masterclasses to train entrepreneurs how to build Seven Figure Businesses.

The first Masterclass, running from 7am to 10am PST is How To Build a Seven Figure Business Coaching Enterprise.

Tom Perfaniuk
Tom Perfaniuk

Tom Perfaniuk, the Calgary Business Coach Consultant Advisor invites entrepreneurs to his three hour Masterclass. They will learn how to generate a continual stream of quality business leads that convert. He will show participants how to leverage the power of Masterminds to generate seven figures in twelve months.

Perfaniuk has more than 20 years of experience in business consulting and coaching, and guided many business owners to success. His main focus now is to help other business consultants and coaches build successful practices. He uses an established business development platform that enabling coaches to help more business owners succeed. This system works anywhere around the world.

Registrations for the Global Entrepreneur Summit are open now at:

The second Masterclass, running from 11am to 2pm PST is How To Build a Seven Figure IT Consultancy.

Craig Petronella
Craig Petronella

Craig Petronella, a cyber security superstar, shows IT Consultancy businesses how to generate a continual stream of quality business leads that convert.

The Amazon #1 best selling author wrote How HIPAA Can Crush Your Medical Practice, Peace of Mind Computer Support, Cryptolocker – Thieves are After Your Business and How To Get 100 New Customers in 100 Days Online.

Over the past 30 years Petronella has advised his clients how to protect their computer information.

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The third Masterclass, running from 3pm to 6pm PST is How To Build a Seven Figure Business Transformation Consultancy.

Jon Beck, CPA
Jon Beck, CPA

Jon Beck, a CPA, has good news for application implementation specialists, change management consultants, app experts and other Finance or IT professionals who want to build a seven figure consultancy business.

Beck has experience over 33 years helping his clients achieve their business objectives by effectively using technology, financial and business process strategies.

Beck says his clients are in widely different industries. They include medical, pharmaceuticals, insurance, high technology, electronics, telecommunications, transportation and logistics, distribution, manufacturing and services.

Global Entrepreneur Summit 2017 registration:

The fourth Masterclass, running from 7pm to 10pm PST is How To Build a Ten Million Dollar Turn-Key Franchise.

Martin Barnes
Martin Barnes

Martin Barnes will lead a three hour Master Class on the pros and cons of franchising, licensing and corporate expansion. This masterclass will save business owners decades of guess work and hundreds of thousands of experiments.

Martin says an established profitable business that wants to make a difference in the world is a candidate for franchising.

Profitable business owners hire Martin to expand their business, either by franchising or licensing into new markets using other people’s money. He says most business owners think that franchising or licensing is complicated, expensive and risky. He helps them to reach more customers, make more money, and remove the risk of going broke from a competitor.

“I love to see a business owner achieve their vision for the business and the family lifestyle they so much are looking for.”

Martin has 19 years of business and franchise experience, and makes the critical numbers of business easy to understand and use. He loves to break down the challenges of business to simple and practical step-by-step strategies.

Registrations for the Global Entrepreneur Summit are open now at:

Helping Entrepreneurs Hurt by Hurricanes

Each of the 32 masterclasses is recorded, and lifetime access to the recordings is optionally available for purchase. Entrepreneur Empowerment Institute Co-founder Martin Barnes, told NewsBlaze, “The summit is going very well, with more than 1,000 people registered so far, and more coming in each day. 100% of the net proceeds from the Summit will go to help entrepreneurs hurt by hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. We’re working hard to educate entrepreneurs and to do good at the same time.”

The co-founders and a small team of entrepreneurs are doing this because they support others who need help.

Chambers of Commerce are invited to participate by calling Tom Matzen, in Pacific Timezone, at +1-604-499-7164.

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