NYIP Inc, Pete Allman Announce Gabriel Tang to Star With Damian Chapa In The Outside Call

NYIP Inc. in collaboration with producer Pete Allman is announcing its latest feature film “The Outside Call” set to begin production in late July. The picture will once again recruit the talents of actor/martial artist Gabriel Tang who will be the co-starring lead across Damian Chapa, famed star from action classic “Blood In Blood Out.”

There is no better time than summer for the unveiling of new and exciting film projects – especially those in the indy action-thriller/suspense category.

The project will have a special focus on the element of style amidst the stereotypical action flick that usually drive audiences to the edge of their seats. “We wanted something artistic and unique on this one,” said Allman. Alongside choreography, cinematography will be challenged more on this project as the director strives to achieve styliscism while delivering action-packed sequences and suspenseful dialogue, all together.

The interesting point however, is Gabriel Tang in real life looks the type to be a Wall Street banker who knows how to win over anyone who crosses his path. His dynamic personality and charm is certainly an asset, as no one would know his expertise in the art of Martial Arts.

Damian Chapa, known for other films such as “Under Siege,” starring Steven Seagal, Street Fighter,” Brando Unauthorized,” where he starred as Marlon Brando, and “Money Talks,” with Ice Cube, Chris Rock, and Charlie Sheen, took control of his own destiny by producing his own films. In “The Bobby Fisher Story,” he played the greatest chess player during his time, Bobby Fisher, and “Polanski Unauthorized,” he played the controversial Roman Polanski.

the outside call.
Damian Chapa and Gabriel Tang star in The Outside Call.

The preparation involved for this movie is thorough as usual. For the co-star Tang, it has included a diet change and a rigorous workout regiment for optimizing physique in his role.

While the demands for physical ability are always there, character-versatility and dramatic intuition will be the heightened test for Tang. Action scenes promise to be top-notch in authenticity and Tang’s multi-lingual capacity will be deployed towards the project’s diverse audience fanbase. Fans will know him also as the star from gang-war flick “Vatos Locos,” which served as kind of a sister action sequel to this movie.

“In producing the classic ‘Brando Unauthorized,’ and controversial films ‘Killer Priest,’ and ‘Vatos Locos ,’ I feel the film will add some class to a highly action packed film, bringing out the best of both actors, Damian Chapa and Gabriel Tang,” – Pete Allman.

While the fuller synopsis is still undisclosed, the project promises to be a pure joyride for audiences, given the production names attached.

No specific time frame for the completion or release of production has been announced yet. More collaboration among the writers and locations is being discussed.

Pete Allman
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