Peruvian Delights At El Huarique Peruvian Restaurant

The El Huarique Peruvian Restaurant serves fresh Passion fruit drink everyday. It is the newest restaurant attraction in Culver City, California. The name itself implies hiding place. This quaint eatery is located right on Venice Blvd. about half a block west of Overland Blvd on the north side of Venice Blvd.

The cuisine is prepared in the home cooking tradition with many menu options. Ernesto Gutierrez, the owner and executive chef explains that Peruvian cuisine is a combination of cultures. Many years ago Peru had an influx of Japanese, and other cultures combined with the Incas, that today make this cuisine one of the more delectable delights.

Referring back to Passion fruit drink, it is made with Passion Fruit extracts among other ingredients, Chef Gutierrez adds. No secrets unveiled from this chef!

popular entree el huarique peruvian.Chef Gutierrez began his cooking career in Peru, where he cooked for his mother. After becoming an adult, Ernesto made his new life in Los Angeles, where he opened a retail tourist business. However, when the recession hit in 2007, Mr. Gutierrez became Chef Gutierrez, providing Peruvian sandwiches and other items to Venice Beach locals and tourists, finally opening his new restaurant in Culver City.

My guests today, actor Tom Hallick and his wife, Yin Jiang, an excellent concert violinist, have traveled throughout the world, and enjoy the culture of various foods which include Peruvian cuisine. Our waiter, Mauricio Casanova suggested our culinary journey should be one of authentic Peruvian cuisine. We were served Ceviche De Pescado, prepared with a selection of white beans, baked corn, squash and ceviche. These dishes are very tasty, and the sauce is outstanding.

chef gutierrez preparing ceviche de pescado.
Chef Gutierrez preparing Ceviche De Pescado.

My entree, the Anticuchos de Pollo was prepared with marinated chicken skewers, sliced potatoes, garnished with cilantro. Tom Hallick ordered the Chaufa de Carne, prepared medallion beef sirloin on fried rice, which has garlic, ginger, black bean paste and the chef’s love. This entree is one of the very popular dishes served everyday.

For desert we enjoyed Pionono, a pound cake prepared with Peruvian cream and Arroz con Leche, a rice pudding with raisins, imported cinnamon and a special cream. “Both dishes are fabulous,” Tom Hallick says.

Considering the Peruvian art of the restaurant and the quaint atmosphere, and the quality and taste of the cuisine, El Huarique Peruvian Restaurant receives 4 stars from Celebrity Scene News.

pete allman with ernesto gutierrez and tom hallick.
Pete Allman with Ernesto Gutierrez and Tom Hallick.

El Huarique Peruvian Restaurant is located at 10717 Venice Blvd. in Los Angeles. Hours of operation are Monday through Saturday from 11 to 3 for lunch and 5 PM to 9 PM for dinner. For reservations call 424-326-9013.

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ceviche de pescado.
Ceviche De Pescado
El Huarique Peruvian Restaurant.
El Huarique Peruvian Restaurant
anticuchos de pollo.
Anticuchos De Pollo
cocktail bar.
Cocktail bar.
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