Harry Potter Star Stabbed to Death in London

One of the young stars from the Harry Potter film series was stabbed to death yesterday during a fight outside a bar in London. The News Of The World revealed that 18-year-old Robert Knox died trying to help his younger brother, 16-year-old Jamie, when they and several friends were confronted by a crazed attacker armed with two knives.

“Jamie idolized his brother” one friend said. “They went everywhere together and did everything together.”

Knox, who plays student Marcus Belby in the upcoming Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince, coming out in November, was killed in the fight in the south-eastern suburb of Sidcup. According to the statements from witnesses, the Knox brothers were involved in a frenzied attack when one of their friends was accused of stealing a cell phone.

“This man”, said 19-year-old Lee Howard, “threw a chair at Jamie and a big fight erupted. We were all trying to just get the knife off him. It spilled outside the bar. We got the man in the bushes but he pulled another knife. He had one in each hand and was just lashing out. There must have been six people who he stabbed. It was terrible.”

The police arrested the attacker, a 21-year-old male, on the charge of suspicion of murder. Several friends of the siblings like 21-year-old Dean Sanders was hurt in the incident, but their injuries weren’t serious. Tragically, Robert was taken to the hospital but was pronounced dead on the scene.

“He was such a special person” said former girlfriend Elice Buck, whom she called Robert “the love of my life”. “It all just seems like a bad dream. This sort of thing always seems to happen to the good guys. He was convinced he was going to be a star and we all knew he would be too. The thing I loved about him the most was that he was so talented, yet so modest with it. I wish I had been there because maybe I would have been able to calm things down and Rob would still be here.”

Sources: Live News and News Of The World