Dance Champion Katia Vaz Makes Dreams Come True with Dance School

One of the world’s top dance stars, Katia Vaz is no ordinary Brazilian champion. Sultry actress, award winning beauty pageant queen, and award winning fitness model, Katia Vaz didn’t stop there. Born in Brazil, the Latin beauty began dancing at the mere age of two, and went on to conquer the world of dance with a tsunami force, earning a stunning 60 titles as First Place winner in myriads of fierce competitions around the world.


Land of Supermodels

Hailing from the land that has graced the planet with some of the world’s most beautiful women including top models Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima, and Alessandra Ambrosio among others, Brazilian beauty Katia Vaz began her modeling career at age 14. Katia dominated competitive modeling, winning over 36 beauty pageants, and appearing in numerous print ads world wide. As an actress, Katia became a regular on television in commercials, soap operas, and feature films both in Brazil and across the U.S.

Dancing With the Stars

In the world of dance, Katia Vaz has little competition. Beginning her formal professional dance career also at the mere age of 14, Katia has appeared on America’s hit show “Dancing With the Stars,” and many other top shows world wide. Katia has translated the mastery of the art of dance into winning first place time and time again.

Dance Teacher to the Rich and Famous

Unlike many top stars, champion dance star Katia decided early on to give back with her talent, so she began teaching dance, and launched Hollywood’s famed Rio Hot and Dance Latin Studios, having trained all from the new kid off the bus in Hollywood, to the rich and famous. Down to Earth, Katia does not discriminate, and believes that dance- the universal language of life and love, should be shared with the world.

Crown Winning Beauty Queen

Master of Samba and Salsa styles, Katia’s unique style and approach is like none other. Seamlessly blending Brazilian Samba and Salsa into her own attention getting, sexy explosions of power and delight on the dance floor, this dance champion mesmerizes kids, women, and men alike with clean, yet undeniably sexy performances that are out of this world. Those that are fortunate enough to see her live, shaking those hips and igniting the steam on the dance floor, will find it impossible to take their eyes off of this dance legend, who is also a stunning beauty- with the crowns to prove it.

Samba Champion

Number One Titleholder in the dance world, Katia Vaz has been Samba Champion for 9 consecutive years, officially known by the Tropical Paradise Republic of Brazil as ‘Miss Carnaval.” When she is not in front of the camera, hosting, shooting a movie, or teaching adoring students on the the dance floor, her favorite place is high atop the majestic floats of Rio’s famed Carnaval Parades; a true Queen indeed.