Imagination TV Gains Live and On-Demand National Distribution

Two weeks after announcing an arrangement with Time Warner Cable, Imagination TV, (otcqb: IMTV) is now collaborating with SimplyMe, to gain National distribution of its shows across multiple platforms.

SimplyMe Distribution has existing contracts with providers on cable, satellite, set-top-boxes, IPTV, Internet, mobile and television platforms.

The partnership agreement between the two companies connects Imagination TV shows with viewers who access on-demand platforms including: Verizon FiOS, XBOX, Comcast Xfinity VOD, DISH Hopper, DISH Network VOD, TiVo, Roku, Apple TV and Verizon Wireless.

With this partnership, Imagination TV gains an additional revenue stream. SimplyMe will place advertising within each Imagination TV show watched on demand. “The Media Circle of Trust” advertising agency at Saatchi & Saatchi provides the ads. According to the agreement, the distribution costs will be handled by SimplyMe, and advertising revenues will be shared by the two companies.

Original productions from Imagination TV, available on-demand, include UnCommon Denominator, Cooking For Bachelors 101 and Start-Up Stories.

One of the Forbes-listed ‘Can’t Miss’ Conferences For Entrepreneurs In 2015, Secret Knock, will be recorded by Imagination TV, providing one-on-one interviews and speeches by the world’s most fascinating motivators and producers in the area of self-help, for on-demand viewers. [ See the Secret Knock story]

steven samblis shoots a new show
Steven Samblis, shooting a new show in San Diego, with Greg Reid and Brian Smith (founder of UGG)

Commenting on the new partnership with IMTV, Krystol Cameron, SimplyMe Distribution’s CEO, said “We are quite excited about such a great opportunity to work with Imagination TV and be involved with such a great niche of programming that both cable providers and ad agencies alike see such a promising future financially. With that said, we are poised to launch Imagination TV on a large scale. Please stay tuned.”

Showing how large the subscription video on demand market is, and where it is going, Colin Dixon, writing at, recently said that ‘on-demand’ viewing has caught up with ‘live television’ viewing. “The news that SVOD (subscription video on demand) providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu will likely spend $5.2B on movies and TV shows in 2014 should be an eye-opener for those in traditional TV. The fact that this figure will increase 31%, to $7B, in 2015, even more so. In a business where money talks, these numbers speak loudly.”

Explaining why Imagination TV connected with SimplyMe, IMTV CEO, Steven Samblis, said “We knew distribution over multiple on-demand platforms was crucial to Imagination TV’s growth. SimplyMe gives us the best opportunity to provide a higher degree of content options across the easiest-to-use devices. The partnership also will monetize our on-demand views.”

Samblis sees the coming major shift in streaming media. The shift is in both content and hardware. He says, “The solution that offers consumers the most content choices and the ability to watch that content on the most devices easily will be the one that wins.”

Samblis is positioning Imagination TV to be at the forefront of of that shift.

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