Al Case Reveals The Science of Mastering Karate

Martial arts master Al Case has developed a new style of martial arts, by merging together numerous techniques, and revealing the secrets of many arts that before took years to master- if they were ever taught at all.


Report By Al Case

When you learn Karate, or any martial art, you are shown a technique, and you do it. Then you learn another one, and another one. A form gets put together. And, five or six months later you have your first belt. And three or four years later you have a black belt.

The problem is that it took you ten times as long as it should have. And, not to offend anybody, but there is still a vast amount of material missing, or that people just don’t understand. Karate, or any other martial art, is learned by memorizing random sequences of movements. First, the monkey see monkey do approach is vastly inefficient. This is a learning method designed for children. Secondly, memorizing random sequences of movements is like trying to learn to count by memorizing 14, 2, 83, 20, sixteen, apple, 0, 34, 16. Everything is out of order, and that makes it hard to remember, and hard to use.

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The Matrixing tool, and it is an actual tool, a graph that is applied to martial arts motion, puts all motions in the correct order. It does this regardless of geometry, difficulty, specific martial art it is taken from, or anything else. This is like counting by learning 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on. And the student will recognize ten when they hit it, and shortly they will be figuring out twenty’s and thirty’s and forty’s and so on, and then multiplying, and dividing, and doing all sorts of things that are far beyond the ability of the person who only learned to memorize random sequences of numbers. Within a couple of months they will reach the point where they intuitively know what the next number coming is, or, specific to the martial arts, the next motion.

Art is random; science is prediction. Art is whimsical, depending upon the frame of mind of the artist. Science is the actual, factual sequence of motions that define the Martial Science. Art takes three or four years to learn, and that’s with a good instructor. Science, as defined by Matrixing, takes as little as three months. And Matrixing won’t leave any gaps in your knowledge, or places where techniques are smushed together and don’t make sense.

Before I continue, I want to make a point. I have proof for what I am saying, and it is on video tape. Elsewhere on my website at the bottom of this page, you will see a couple of pages devoted to something called ‘Three Month Black Belt Course.’ In that course I took a fellow and brought him to Black Belt in three months. I filmed his progress, and you can see exactly what I did, how I teach, the methods, drills, forms, techniques, freestyle and so on that used…everything. Over twenty hours of hard core lessons.

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