St. Luke’s University Hospital-Bethlehem Opens Wound Management Center

Hospital-based Wound Management Now Offers Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

St. Luke’s University Hospital-Bethlehem opened a brand new Wound Management Center on 23rd of August. The new site replaces the location at St. Luke’s Union Station in SouthSide Bethlehem.

The new Wound Management Center is located at St. Luke’s University Hospital- Bethlehem, 801 Ostrum Street. Wound centers treat patients with non-healing wounds often complicated by diabetes, vascular problems and other underlying diseases.

“Wound care is about quality of life,” remarked Carol Kuplen, RN, MSN, president of St. Luke’s University Hospital – Bethlehem and Chief Nursing Officer, St. Luke’s University Health Network. “Relocating the Wound Management Center to St. Luke’s University Hospital will provide closer proximity to the various specialties that are needed to help diagnose and care for each patient. In addition, we are now able to offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy to help speed wound healing.”

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St. Luke’s *University Hospital Bethlehem recently opened a hospital-based Wound Management Center. Patients are cared for in exam rooms, pictured here.

Hyperbaric oxygen can be used to treat a number of different conditions, including problem wounds, bone infections and the effects of radiation, said Robert Toth, RRT, CHT, coordinator of the hyperbaric medicine program.

The Bethlehem center is part of a Wound Management program throughout the St. Luke’s Network. In addition to the Bethlehem site, Wound Management Centers are located at St. Luke’s Quakertown Hospital, St. Luke’s Allentown Hospital, St. Luke’s Miners Hospital in Coaldale and St. Luke’s Warren Hospital in Phillipsburg, New Jersey.

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Hyperbaric oxygen treatments are now available at St. Luke’s University Hospital Bethlehem as part of the relocated Wound Management Center. Hyperbaric oxygen can be used to treat a number of different conditions, including problem wounds, bone infections and the effects of radiation.

Specialists at St. Luke’s Wound Management Centers are trained to manage non-healing wounds in a team approach. Clinicians involved in wound management include certified wound specialists (CWS); certified wound, ostomy and continence nurses (CWOCN); board-certified trauma, vascular, plastic and general surgeons; infectious disease physicians and podiatrists, according to Joanne Labiak, *RN, BSN, CWOCN, CWS, *Director of Wound Management for St. Luke’s University Health Network.

“St. Luke’s Wound Management Centers are set apart from other wound centers with the coordination of services for our wound patients,” said Labiak. “We make patients’ appointments for necessary testing, hyperbaric treatments and home visits. We help patients more easily manage their respective conditions by coordinating care with long-term care facilities, hospital admissions, oncology and emergency departments, as well as surgical services.”

Patients may refer themselves to St. Luke’s wound centers if they have a wound that has not shown significant improvement in two weeks or has failed to completely heal in four weeks. Patients should also work with family physicians or other specialists for referrals.

Appointments may be made in Bethlehem by calling 484-526-2440. Hours are Monday – Friday, from 8 am – 4:30 pm. The center is *located at St. Luke’s University Hospital – Bethlehem, 801 Ostrum Street, Bethlehem 18015 at the “A” Entrance at Priscilla Payne Hurd Pavilion. Free valet parking is available for patients at A Entrance.

For more information about all of St. Luke’s Wound Management Centers, see or call St. Luke’s InfoLink toll-free at 1-866-STLUKES (1-866-785-8537).

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