The Man In The Woods: Book Review

As a psychologist for over twenty-five years, I thought I had seen and heard it all. However, Ms Gonsalves story gave me chills and angered me- what is society doing to help poor souls like her brothers? Her account and vivid details of the deviant behavior of her brothers will send chills up your spine.

The Man In The Woods is about one of Theresa’s brothers, Stephen who was a child molester and deviant in society. He took pleasure in intimidating and threatening others around him even when he was a young child. Everyone feared him even his own mother.

Ms. Gonsalves herself was a tormented victim at the hands of her brother.

Stephan was jealous of anyone who took the attention away from him, even pets. He once took a dog and tied it to the railroad tracks and watched a train run it over. He felt no remorse.

Throughout the years, Stephan’s behavior got more deviant- sexually molested by a teacher; he then turned to young boys. The interesting thing is that parent’s liked him and they way he would mentor to their children. Little did they know what the outcome was going to be. Young boys loved him and saw him as their father.

Readers will be shocked, sick to their stomach as they read this true account. They will wonder how this kept going on for years and nothing was done. Was there any mental health treatment? Why would innocent people let a man like Stephan live on their property in a shed with no basic resources? Unfortunately this happens each and everyday where deviant people can con, manipulate and torment people.

Reading this book should give you strength to take a stand against this type of person and question authorities on why nothing is being done? I applaud Ms. Gonsalves for writing this book- it takes great strength to write and re-live this. I hope that it was therapeutic for her as well as show everyone that we must be more diligent in our assertion to get these type of people off the street and get the help they need. If Stephen had gotten help early in life-would this book ever be written?

The Man In The Woods

Theresa J. Gonsalves

TJG Management Services, Inc.

Las Vegas, NV 89148

ISBN: 978-0-9762347-2-2

$24.95 2008

Unforgettable and Shocking

5 Stars

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