Congress-Obama Spending Package Masked as Stimulus

825 Billion Spending Bill Masked as Stimulus

Barack Obama’s spending bill masked as a stimulus package will cost the United States citizens over one trillion dollars after interest is applied according to the schedule of disbursements as outlined by the House Appropriations Committee. This amount exceeds the spending of the Bush Administration, even, and that controversial first “stimulus” in September executed just prior to the 2008 elections. Included in this current package is enough pork to blow the lid of any and all sums that also will continue in funding the Iraq war under Obama, since he has also since changed his stance on his campaign rhetoric as the “peace” candidate.

Included within the spending bill are sums for assistance for homeowners losing their home and infrastructure needs. But also included is a very unconstitutional provision for the health care industry for sums in order to create a national database containing information on American citizens health records for shared use on a “need to know” basis.

If you thought the Patriot Act was bad, now your sexual practices, childhood illnesses and diseases, and even the lawsuits you may or may not become involved in will be on one “Real ID” type computer database – that also has the potential to be hacked into by those who are not in any manner persons who “need to know.” And the government now has such personal information as your sexual behavior and practices at the tips of their fingers. Even Orwell (an avowed Marxist) didn’t envision this scenario.

The sums that this Administration so carelessly have included will be paid for by your children and grandchildren, and Mr. Obama’s, Malia and Sasha. This isn’t monopoly money as it appears this Congress and Administration believe, but it is the taxpayers and their posterity which will be paying for this Administration’s excess which has begun now, at the starting gate. This Constitutional lawyer not only will not abide by the Constitution in providing his birth certificate, nor is apparently capable of reciting the oath of office without a teleprompter, but has now trashed it in the same manner as his predecessor.

You can find the details of the actual Appropriations Bill here (PDF)

This is “change?”

Betsy Ross
Betsy Ross is a writer and student of history who is fascinated by politics and the weakness of politicians.