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Betsy Ross is a writer and student of history who is fascinated by politics and the weakness of politicians.
Tim Geithner.

The ‘New Plan’ Same as the ‘Old Plan’ – Or Much...

Amid all the speculation and advance press releases in the end all the hype was 'much ado about nothing,' since the speech appeared to be prepared by a press agent for Mr. Geithner, Mr. Obama and Congress more than any 'plan.'

AIG: Is The London Mayfair Office to Blame for Bankruptcy?

Due to the confusions and misconceptions surrounding the AIG bonuses and the excuses that are being made now in Congress and the Executive Office regarding the the sanctity of contracts with respect to our Constitution, there is quite a bit of infor

AIG: Dodd’s ‘Mea Culpa’ Rings Hollow

In the continuing saga of the AIG executive bonuses extended Sunday by Geithner and Treasury, another player stepped up to the plate in addition to President Obama's rather weak excuse for an apology...

The Economy Is Sound? Surely, you Jest….

In a move yesterday reminescent of the 2008 campaign elections, it appears Barack Obama is now 'channeling' John McCain with respect to the state of the U.S. economy.

Obama Chastises AIG on Executive’s Pay

A Constitution, by the way, that does not provide nor give any power to Congress or the Executive Office to 'bailout' a global concern at the cost of the American people and U.S. economy.

AIG Executives Petition Treasury Secretary for Higher Executive Bonuses

The plot just continues to thicken on the AIG bailout now being overseen by Timothy Geithner, the Obama Administration's Secretary of the Treasury.

AIG: If It Smells Like Garbage, It is Garbage

Several points in the AIG scenario which are now sounding like the 'weapons of mass destruction', the lie that lead us into Iraq are beginning to pile up and at this point bear public scrutiny.

Californians ‘Screamin’

It was reported in several California news sources and an Arizona paper that over 26,000 teachers will be or have received pink slips due to the budget crisis now facing Arnie's California.

Mortgage Foreclosure Scam and Tsunami Continues Unabated

The top three states, coincidentally, just so happen to be high illegal immigrant population states. Those are: California, Florida and Arizona.

List of Recipients of AIG Bailout Sums Raises More Questions

Below is a listing of prepared by AIG for the Department of the Treasury prior to it's recent request for additional sums in order to cover 2008 fourth quarter losses.

Obama’s ‘Home Foreclosure Rescue Package’ Too Little, Too Late

There is only one difficulty with all the bells and whistles both he and the media have attempted to place on this 'rescue.' Simply a case of too little, too late.

Global Insurer AIG Receives Fourth U.S. Bailout ‘Loan’

Analysis of the recent fourth 'loan' given under the terms of the September bank bailout to global insurance giant, AIG.

Ex-Mortgage Bank Execs Profit During Crisis

We have a government now in collusion with the banks and banking executives.

Stimulus Includes Rationed Health Care Provision

Followup and further details regarding the proposed National Health Care Database included within the recent stimulus package.
Capitol Building Spring

The National Health Care Debate

Political op ed on the national health care debate and how and why we got to where we are in this health care crisis.

Obama’s Speech: More Spending But Status Quo to Remain

Political op ed on my reaction to President Obama's speech last night to the American people on the economy and the stimulus package.

Is Al Sharpton the Don King of Race Relations?

Op Ed on the political ramifications of the New York Post cartoon published earlier this week with respect to the stimulus.

Congress, Obama Violate ‘Constitutional Law 101’

Political op ed on the potential ramifications of the stimulus healthcare database provisions.

The Stimulus, George Washington and Hypocrisy

Yesterday, Barack Obama called the new trillion dollar spending package created primarily by him and the Democratic Congress as a rescue for the U.S. economy, 'a milestone.' Yes, this is truly a milestone.

How to Really Stimulate America’s Economy

The members of Congress and the economists that trash the protectionism concept are merely global socialists looking out for the global economy, and not the U.S. economy at all.