Women Who Love Psychopaths: Book Review

The authors have given us an excellent overview of how women get sucked into unhealthy relationships with men who are power hungry, controlling and have no concern or empathy for those whom they hurt. These are men who can harm an individual without killing them. Psychologist’s and society call them sociopaths or psychopaths.

The detailed information on topics such as: understanding the psychopath; how men hook women into their dark world; the woman who is a high risk for getting into a relationship with a psychopath and stories from four women who were caught in this deceitful web.

As I read this book, I will honestly say that it was the story of my daughter and the man who took her life without killing her. Reading this book gave me chills for all women who are or might get into a relationship like this. One chapter that really held my interest was the chapter on The Use of Trance, Hypnosis and Suggestibility. The authors talk about how this type of man can spend all his time around a woman focusing on them and no one else by making little comments such as “You’re so wonderful and beautiful,” “No one has ever made me feel the way you do- they just don’t understand me.” How does this work you might ask- one thing I found from reading this book is that some women have high attentional factors- this comes from possible history of abuse or neglect; extensive dependency and excessive self-sacrificing.

As a Psychologist, I do know that we all have asked how can women stay in a relationship with a man like this? The author’s have done an incredible job in explaining the temperament, and character traits that draw women into this type of harmful relationship and further explain why they remain. This book is such an unbelievable account of a profile of women who attract psychopaths. After reading this, readers will have an excellent view of how, what and when this happens. This is a book every therapist should recommend to women who have been in harmful relationships and it is a book all therapists or would-be therapist need to read.

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ISBN-10: 0977801322

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A Must Read

5 Stars

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