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Dr. Carol Hoyer, PhD is a psychologist, a freelance book reviewer and college professor.

Book Review: Escape From Iran

What a timely read with all the interest going on in Iran. The CIA and President are trying to find out information on how and where these individuals are getting the materials and chemicals they are buying in large quantities.

Book Review: Honor Defended

Given the background of the author, readers will realize that you can never take a soldier out of the man. This is a fast-paced, twisting book that will keep readers on the edge of their seat.

Drowning in a Mother’s Womb

I have read and reviewed many books on child abuse and neglect and not until I read this book can I say the detail, the emotion and descriptions were right up there with Dave Peltzer.

Crisis Counseling Book Review

From his 25 years of pastoral experience, the author has written an easy to read and understand guide to help pastors and professionals prepare to do crisis counseling.

The Beat Handbook Book Review

Not being familiar with the beat generation, I had to do a little research prior to reading this book. However, I did find the author's journey and introspection quite interesting.

Blood Brothers Book Review

Little know to him, Ben Corbin a lawyer has taken on Gunnar's case and finds himself and his wife in grave danger. He is absolutely stunned at the tricks Karl's lawyer takes and the deliberate attempts Karl has taken to get rid of his brother.

Silence Book Review

Author Christopher Brookhouse has written a book that captures from the very first page. The story told through the eyes of a mother takes us on a fast journey where no one speaks their true feelings or accepts any negativity in their lives.

Review: 13 is the new 18

Author Beth Harpaz has written a truly remarkable and humorous book on raising thirteen year - old boys. Readers will find that she tells it like it is and all we can do is nod our head in agreement.

Review: We Need Our Daddy Too

Karen Ronald, a loving and doting grandmother has written an extraordinary book about what happens when parents get divorced and innocent children are caught in the middle. Readers will be amazed and sometimes shocked at how deceitful, revengeful p

The Man In The Woods: Book Review

As a psychologist for over twenty-five years, I thought I had seen and heard it all. However, Ms Gonsalves story gave me chills and angered me - what is society doing to help poor souls like her brothers?

Women Who Love Psychopaths: Book Review

The authors have given us an excellent overview of how women get sucked into unhealthy relationships with men who are power hungry, controlling and have no concern or empathy for those whom they hurt.

Book Review: Never Assume

Have you ever been in a power struggle with your child? Ever wonder why? This book has some great answers for you.

Book Review: The Bambino Secret

If you ever thought you knew everything about Babe Ruth- you haven't until you read this book and who he truly was.

Book Review: Lola Dances by Victor Banis

An incredible story of one individual trying to find out his path in life. Mr. Banis did an excellent job. As a psychologist, even though the book is fictional, it really gave me more insight into man-man relationships and the turmoil they often go