The Beat Handbook Book Review

Not being familiar with the beat generation, I had to do a little research prior to reading this book. However, I did find the author’s journey and introspection quite interesting. In a time that we always follow the conventional rules, I was happy to know that there are those out there who are on different paths than what society thinks they should be.

Through part journaling and memoirs the author shows us how to find what we are looking for by being emotionally free from restrictions that society places on us and experiencing life by visiting sites and people we might have never thought to. The author does say that there is some “tongue and cheek” in his writing, but there is also a lot of information about seeing the world in a different perspective.

There are readings for 100 days; one of my favorite was day 83 talking about time. If you want to do something, why worry about time? Just do what you want when you want. So many keep holding back on what they really want to do because “the time isn’t right.” When will be the right time? When one is too old to enjoy?

This is a book that you can’t read quickly- you need to take it slowly, try to understand what you read and how it can apply to you. A journal is a great thing to start.

The Beat Handbook 100 Days of Kerouactions

Rick Dale


7290 Investment Drive

Charleston, SC 29148

ISBN: 1439204748


Interesting Read

4 Stars

Carol Hoyer PhD
Dr. Carol Hoyer, PhD is a psychologist, a freelance book reviewer and college professor.