Blood Brothers Book Review

From the very first page the author Rick Acker has you realizing this is a book you can’t put down, even if you wanted to. His main characters brothers Karl and Gunnar are at each other’s throats over a pharmaceutical company they both developed. Karl now the director is trying to get his brother to give him the remaining information on a new drug they are developing.

Little know to him, Ben Corbin a lawyer has taken on Gunnar’s case and finds himself and his wife in grave danger. He is absolutely stunned at the tricks Karl’s lawyer takes and the deliberate attempts Karl has taken to get rid of his brother. Readers will come away with a love-hate relationship with the brothers and will remain shocked that one would go to such lengths to get what they wanted.

The author who is a lawyer easily describes what goes on in a court room including legalities so that readers can completely understand the process. This certainly is a fast paced novel and one that will keep you in suspense the whole time. The ending of the story will surprise everyone.

Blood Brothers

Rick Acker

Kregel Publications

Grand Rapids, MI 49501

ISBN: 978-0-8254-2007-8



5 Stars

Reviewed by Carol Hoyer, PhD for Reader Views (1/09)