UFO Balloon Man Could Face The ‘Reality’ of 6 Years in Prison

A few days ago viewers watched in horror as a homemade balloon (shaped like a UFO) flew out of control through the Colorado skies, believing that 6 year old Falcon Heene (the son of the balloon’s designer) was trapped onboard.

After speeding through the air for more than 2 hours and reaching heights of around 7,000 feet, the balloon eventually fell back to earth. However, it was discovered that no one was onboard the craft and there was some concern that the boy may have fallen out.

It later turned out that the boy was hiding in the garage of his parents home, safe and well.

UFO Balloon Hoax

Following a number of interviews, Falcon let slip that the “UFO incident” was part of “the show,” much to the embarrassment of his father.

Richard Heene and his wife are no strangers to the TV cameras and appeared on a reality show in the past. The police were already suspicious about the incident, but a story appearing on the website Gawker confirmed their doubts, saying that Richard Heene had discussed producing such a publicity stunt earlier.

As a result of the Heene’s obsession with fame, they face criminal charges and the possibility of 6 years in prison (along with a massive fine to cover the costs incurred)

Heene may still get his reality show, but there is a good chance he will have to wait some time before his dreams are realised. In the meantime, he may have the opportunity to reflect on his stupidity in a much smaller “space” than he hoped for.