D-Link New Wireless Modem Offers Faster Connectivity

Have you ever experienced downloading a video and just before it finishes your connection gets cut off? How about when you are watching a video stream and the best bits become choppy? What about when you are on VoIP and you keep getting disconnected? There is a way around a sloppy Internet connection and D-Link has an answer. It is called DSL2+ Modem with Wireless N300 Router (I know it’s a mouthful but we can call it DSL-2740B).

D-Link’s DSL-2740B provides you and ADSL subscribers the ability to upgrade existing Wireless G device to a high-performance integrated modem and Wireless N router. It features an 802.11n wireless technology for increased range and speeds of up to 300 Mbps. The DSL-2740B outperforms previous 802.11 g wireless devices and allows you to enjoy multimedia streaming and VoIP calls over a fast and high-quality wireless connection.

“Many current ADSL subscribers suffer from a slow and restricting broadband connection due to their old Wireless G devices,” says Eli Gavra, general manager and vice president, Service Providers Business Unit, D-Link North America. “With the new DSL-2740B, users can increase the speed and range of wireless bandwidth in their homes by upgrading their existing broadband connection to a Wireless N device.”

The DSL-2740B is backward compatible with existing 802.11b and 802.11g devices. You are ensured it is compatible with a wide range of wireless devices. For example, the IPv6-ready DSL-2740B offers several speed and security enhancements to its predecessor IPv4.

It includes Quality of Service (QoS) support and prioritizes high bandwidth activities for seamless streaming, gaming and Internet calling. With IPv6 support, the DSL-2740B allows you to future-proof your home networks for the next-generation of the Internet, thus, guaranteeing your connectivity with new wireless devices for years to come.

“This upgrade is not only ideal for households that utilize an increased number of wireless devices, but it’s also a seamless way for existing customers to easily update their wireless network without any assistance from their Internet Service Provider,” Gavra adds.

Designed for use with any Internet Service Provider, the DSL-2740B also features TR-069 Management support that is customizable to individual service provider management needs. In addition, for added security support, the DSL-2740B features Stateful Packet Inspection and hacker attach logging, inspecting the contents of incoming packets before they are given access and protecting a network against Denial of Service (DoS attacks).

The DSL-2740B is now available for a retail price of US$79.99 throughout D-Link’s North America network of e-tail and retail outlets, and at the company’s online store.

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