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Lemuel Cacho is a versatile writer specializing in business, technology and science. Contact Lem through NewsBlaze.

Research Center in Asia Sets Pace for New Cancer Cures

For the uninitiated, single-cell genomics is one of the emerging areas of study in life sciences research. It could help solve some of the most fundamental biological mysteries of our time.

i-Mobb, An App You Can Use Free of Roaming Charges

If you are using i-Mobb, it will allow you to make and receive international calls as though they were domestic. How does it work?
zte geek

New ZTE GEEK Smartphone, Intel Inside

ZTE has emphasized the importance of user experience and the key component to this emphasis is its partnership with Intel.

Cisco and Microsoft Solve Data Complexity for Productivity

Cisco has been innovating in order to benefit customers who wish to virtualize certain aspects of their data center networks.

City of Patterson Goes Green With Chevron

This collaboration will save taxpayers an estimated US$6 million over the life of the project. It will also make neighborhoods in the city safer by replacing streetlights with more efficient LED fixtures.

As Prices of Corn Fall, Ethanol Producers See Positive Outlook

The corn market took off nearly $1 a bushel since the March 28 USDA Grain Stocks report that put March 1 corn stocks at 5.40 billion bushels in all positions. The inventory numbers were significantly higher than the expected 4.99 billion bushels.

United Nations and Turkcell Partners in Technology, Saving Lives

The technology partnership is due to Turkcell's network initiatives and its employees dedicated efforts during the 2011 earthquake that took place in the City of Van in Easter Turkey.

SALT Technology Secures $2M Funding, Expects Mobile Payments to Increase

There is an increasing trend in the mobile payments sector. According to analysts, 36% of consumers today are ready to make mobile payments their standard mode of payment.

TeamSnap Releases New Mobile App Model for Android Users

Nearly 27 million U.S. children between ages of six and 17 take part in at least one youth sports yearly, and many engage in several.

Seamless Communication With Centuric Cloud PBX

The Cloud PBX phone system can handle internal communications and take care of your customers. When clients call, they are always greeted by a courteous auto receptionist

World’s Affluent Say Digital Media Key to Their Wealth

Quick to recognize the role technology innovations played in their success, over fifty percent surveyed consider engagement with internet, digital tech contributed...

Consumers Will Spend More on Tablets This Holiday Season

The study surveyed 2,500 U.S. broadband households from October to November 2012, found 63 percent of households plan to make a CE purchase.

Novotus Employees Give Tons of Food to Feed The Hungry

The successful group alone gave 1,953 pounds, exceeding last year's donation of 1,910 pounds.

Top Five Business-Tech Trends in 2013

As companies look to transform their businesses in the year ahead, they should continue to sharpen their focus on harnessing the power of advanced technology platforms to unlock productivity and value for clients.

Scientists Study How Microbes Respond to Human-Induced Change

The task is essential because microbial communities carry out crucial functions in the environment, breaking down pollution, recycling nutrients - and serving as main sources of nitrogen and carbon.

Weinberg Foundation Donates $1 Million to Victims of Sandy

After talking to organizations on the front lines of the recovery attempt, the Weinberg Foundation is awarding several distinct grants to a number of diverse organizations operating directly with hurricane victims.

Email Marketing Role is Changing, Says Pardot Survey

The survey was conducted in June 2012 and it covered topics ranging from email best practices to usage and testing. It was completed by more than 100 anonymous B2B marketers in the United States.

GoodData Raises $25 Million, Tenaya Capital Leading It

The new funding will be used to invest in technology innovation and build sales and marketing programs to raise awareness and accelerate adoption of its cloud-based, disruptive technology platform.

More Air Time to Local Charities in South Florida, says Channel...

One of the most pressing challenges facing not-for-profit organizations is obtaining news coverage for their special events. With editorial space at a premium, charities are finding it ever more difficult to get support.

Campaign in Vancouver Promises End To HIV

With people in Vancouver requesting HIV tests and doctors recommending them as part of everyone's routine health care, we are getting closer to making the end of HIV a reality.