Vicious Attack By Al-Shabaab Kills Innocent Civilians in Mogadishu

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today said the United States strongly condemns today’s vicious attack by al-Shabaab against innocent civilians in Mogadishu.

Clinton says al-Shabaab has no regard for human life, and some victims were students working to earn a scholarship.

“Many of the victims were students working to earn scholarships to continue their education and help them realize their potential. This cowardly act of terrorism once again demonstrates al-Shabaab’s complete disregard for human life and Somalia’s future.” – Ms. Clinton

She noted that Al-Shabaab continues to threaten and kill aid workers. They have murdered the very people they claim to want to protect. She pointed out that at a time when the world is focused on helping Somalis who are suffering from drought and famine, al-Shabaab is ignoring calls by the Arab League, international community, and the people of Somalia to allow the uninhibited delivery of urgently needed relief to those desperately in need of assistance.

“Our condolences go out to the families, friends, and loved ones of the victims. The United States is committed to standing with all Somalis who seek peace – including Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government – as they work toward stability in Somalia and throughout the region.” – Ms. Clinton

Just three days ago, the terrorist group shut down two telecommunications companies. It has also been preventing NGOs from accessing Somalis just over a week ago, and two months ago prevented delivery of food aid to the people.

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