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Randy Foreman is the NewsBlaze White House Correspondent, reporting from inside and outside The White House and around the beltway in Washington, D.C.
subway starbucks free wi fi

How Subway Lost Out to Starbucks by Not Offering Free Wi-Fi

Starbucks offered free Wi-Fi since 2010, while Subway was slow to adopt, impacting both performance and reputation of the two chains.
John Boehner low tech device. Cartoon by NewsBlaze.com

Obama Birth Certificate Raised By John Boehner in New Book

Promoting his new book last week former House Speaker John Boehner decided to take a shot at people who questioned Barack Obama's Birth Certificate...
chris christie at opioid addiction roundtable.

Donald Trump Convenes Opioid Addiction Roundtable With Chris Christie

WASHINGTON - (NewsBlaze) President Donald Trump convened a roundtable on opioid addiction on Wednesday at the White House that featured New Jersey Governor Chris...
Josh Earnest surprised by Obama.

Josh Earnest Takes His Final Bow, Receives Surprise Visit

WASHINGTON - (NewsBlaze) After 354 times taking fire from reporters in the White House Press Corps, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest ended his...
Barack Obama long form birth certificate

White House Finally Answers Question On Obama Birth Certificate

WASHINGTON - (Newsblaze) A month after Phoenix, Arizona Sheriff Arpaio released the findings of a five year investigation into President Barack Obama's birth certificate,...
josh earnest in briefing room.

Final Obama Speech To Be Forward Looking

WASHINGTON - (Newsblaze) President Barack Obama's Tuesday evening farewell address in Chicago is not going to be like a "State of the Union" type...
Obama Final Weekend Address.

Barack Obama Final Weekend Address in 400 Words

WASHINGTON - (Newsblaze) In his final weekend address as president, Barack Obama attempted to explain that his presidency had added "a new chapter." He...
mainstream media fake news.

White House Initiates Review of Electoral Process Integrity

WASHINGTON - (NewsBlaze) Democrats reeling from the loss in the Presidential Race are going to get a "deep dive" review of whether Russian espionage...
obama trump transition.

Barrack Obama-Donald Trump Phone Conversations Help Transition

WASHINGTON - (NewsBlaze) The phone tag between President Obama and President-Elect Donald Trump is building in intensity so much so that comparisons to the...

Pizzagate: Media and White House Get Their Underwear in a Twist

WASHINGTON - (Newsblaze) The White House on Monday waded into the "Pizzagate" story indirectly by reacting to the Sunday shooting by a North Carolina...
mexican president pena nieto and u.s. president barack obama.

President Obama Shares His Facts With Mexican President Pena Nieto

WASHINGTON - (NewsBlaze) - In the White House Press pool, Independent Journal Review's White House Correspondent Kate Glassman Bennett has a talent that no...
Raghubir Goyal - International Day of Yoga.

Raghubir Goyal Brings International Day of Yoga to White House

WASHINGTON - (Newsblaze) Sometimes the questions that White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest takes at the end of the daily press briefing can be...
Obama Flint water drink

Obama Flint Water Stunt Wasn’t A Stunt?

WASHINGTON - (Newsblaze) - "The man was just thirsty," that was the refrain that White House Spokesman Josh Earnest used in responding to a...
hummer that intentionally rammed into silver diner.

Hummer Intentionally Rammed Into Tysons Corner Silver Diner

TYSON'S CORNER. Va. - (NewsBlaze) - The driver of a Hummer intentionally rammed into the Tysons Corner, Va Silver Diner restaurant at noontime on...
Barack Obama at White House Correspondents' Dinner

President Obama and Press Corps Open the Doors of Democracy

WASHINGTON - (Newsblaze) - President Obama in his concluding remarks to attendees at Saturday's White House Correspondents Dinner said it was an honor and...
Michael K. Powell making a Keynote Presentation

White House Hits Cable Providers Over Set Top Boxes

WASHINGTON - (NewsBlaze) - The Obama Administration last week unveiled a "core priority" regulatory initiative through the Federal Communications Commission designed to promote competition...
russian fighter overflies US navy ship.

Russian Fighter Jets Overfly US Navy Destroyer

WASHINGTON - (Newsblaze) - After Russian fighter jets made low passes over the US Navy Destroyer Donald Cook in the Baltic Sea, the White...
Josh Earnest blasts Republicans over meager accomplishment on Zika bill.

White House Spokesman Blasts Republicans Over Meager Zika Bill

WASHINGTON - (Newsblaze) - The White House on Wednesday blasted congressional Republicans for their work on a $1.9 Billion aid package to fight the...
Benjamin Netanyahu speaking.

White House: No Offense Taken After Netanyahu Schedule Change

WASHINGTON - (NewsBlaze) The White House said on Tuesday that it did not consider the move by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to cancel...
Scott Walker speaking at CPAC 2016.

Conservative Movement Alive and Well, Scott Walker Tells CPAC

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD -- (NewsBlaze) Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in an early Thursday Morning keynote speech  to attendees at the Annual Conservative Political Action...