Barack Obama Final Weekend Address in 400 Words

WASHINGTON – (Newsblaze) In his final weekend address as president, Barack Obama attempted to explain that his presidency had added “a new chapter.” He argued his economic progress claims, insuring people through Obamacare, and bringing home troops from Iraq before his anticipated final address to the nation Tuesday night in Chicago. This will mark the first time a president will deliver an address from his “hometown.”

Obama, who was the first President to run the weekly radio address closed out his last address in just a few more than 400 words, punctuated more by the use of the words “Together” in three bullet points of the address, and “we” rather than the more familiar “I.” The first of the together points described his argument about the economic progress he had made.

“Together, we’ve turned an economy that was shrinking and losing jobs into one that’s growing and creating jobs, with poverty falling, incomes rising, and wages that have jumped faster over the past few years than at any time in the past four decades.” the President remarked.

He then turned to his signature legislative accomplishment – passing Obamacare – saying that his plan was covering more than 20 million new people and reducing the uninsured.

“We’ve moved 20 million more Americans from uninsured to insured, ended the days of discrimination against the up to half of Americans who have a preexisting condition, and secured new rights and protections for everybody with health insurance,” the President also said.

The President’s speechwriters also included a sendup about his foreign policy accomplishments saying that he had reduced troops overseas and made peace with Iran through a nuclear deal.

“Together, we’ve brought home most of our brave troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, and took bin Laden and thousands of other terrorists off the battlefield for good. We’ve opened a new chapter with the people of Cuba, shut down Iran’s nuclear weapons program without firing a single shot, and brought the world together around a climate agreement that could save this planet for future generations”

Obama then concluded his address by saying “We’ve run our leg in our long journey of progress, knowing that our work is and will always be unfinished. That’s the imperative of citizenship – the idea that with hard work, people who love their country can change it.” This last statement is sure to headline his speech in Chicago.

Randy Foreman
Randy Foreman is the NewsBlaze White House Correspondent, reporting from inside and outside The White House and around the beltway in Washington, D.C.