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Randy Foreman is the NewsBlaze White House Correspondent, reporting from inside and outside The White House and around the beltway in Washington, D.C.

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No Fudging In Administration Budget, Other than Everything, That Is

As Mr. Donovan manipulated recent history, Jason Furman, head White House economic adviser, presented a panglossian economic outlook.
Bernie Sanders with press at White House

Bernie Sanders and the White House Non-Readout Readout

Randy Foreman gives the readout of the non-readout from The White House, after Bernie Sanders met Closed Press with Barack Obama and Joe Biden this week.
Malcolm Turnbull and Barack Obama talk in the White House.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull Visits The White House

Australia's prime minister Malcolm Turnbull visited the White House with Australian trade officials and Pres Obama had USTR Mike Froman, Asst. Secretary Danny Russell
barack obama oratory

Trumping The State of the Union By Catching Some Zzzzzs

State of the Union oratory quality is in decline, in line with the dumbing down of the population, and is likely to gloss over anything of importance.
josh earnest

White House Spokesman Blasts Trump Remarks as ‘Disqualifying’

Josh Earnest called Donald Trump's comments offensive and incendiary, spoke about Trump's fake hair, and said world leaders were not listening to Trump.
donald trump shuts down jorge ramos

Jorge Ramos, Univision Anchor, Blows His Chance To Put Real Questions...

Univision Anchor, Jorge Ramos, shows he couldn't anchor a blow-up dinghy in a small pond, and blows his chance to ask Donald Trump a meaningful question.
dow sandp fall off a cliff

White House Says US Economy Stable, But Investors Not Convinced

The White House talked up stability in the US Economy in the face of a historic 1,000 point drop on Wall Street, before closing 588 points down.
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Obama and Limbaugh On Baltimore Riots After Death Of Freddie Gray

Barack Obama addressed ongoing riots after the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore saying some rioters are taking advantage of a situation for their own criminal purposes.
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Afghan President Ghani Thanks US Military and Taxpayers For Their Contribution

Barack Obama and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai held a joint Conference in the White House East Room, talking about security in Afghanistan.
cartoon of the day

Did She Or Didn’t She? The White House Doesn’t Know

It is reported that Hillary Clinton registered an internet domain on the day of her confirmation and used a personal email address, not a government account.

Nigel Farage Warns That America Is Following Britain Into A Multicultural...

European Parliamentarian Nigel Farage spoke about security at a forum sponsored by Breitbart media at the Conservative Political Action Conference near Washington D.C.

Ukraine Crisis May Lead to Breakup of Europe

In recent days, 5,000 Ukrainian nationals died in the fighting and more than that became refugees. Merkel and Obama refer to the need for a diplomatic solution.
josh earnest responds to the security question

White House Admits A Higher Profile Representative Should Have Gone To...

In a number of exchanges with reporters, Earnest said the White House's non attendance in Paris was based on security concerns and that the rally planning was short.
jason furman

Jason Furman White House Economics: Not morning in America

White House chief economic adviser, Jason Furman told reporters at Tuesday's Daily Press Briefing that the US is digging out of a really deep hole, and there is more to do.
josh earnest

White House Briefing says Cromnibus A Clear Win For President, But...

White House Spokesman Josh Earnest says Cromnibus is a clear win for President and Democrats, but dissembles over Pelosi being frozen out.
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Reporters Grill Josh Earnest Over CIA Interrogation In White House Briefing

White House Correspondents were not satisfied with initial White House explanations of the administration's rationale over keeping Bush-appointed CIA leaders.
josh earnest

White House Transparently Opaque On CIA Interrogation Actions

How well prepared does the President think overseas staff are for the potential reaction after release of the torture report? The waffle answer gave no clues.
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Friday’s White House Briefing: The Briefing You Have When Not Having...

The White House was seeking to deflect attention away from recent troubles with the recent resignation of Chuck Hagel, by not answering journalist questions.
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Ferguson Tension May Be Important, But No Presidential Visit

In a White House briefing today, Josh Earnest deflected questions about Ferguson, Mo. and why President Obama has no specific plans to go there.
White House Correspondents

Is Facebook Now The White House Media BFFN?

Randy Foreman, NewsBlaze White House Correspondent records press reaction to the announcement that Facebook is the new breaker of executive action news.