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Randy Foreman is the NewsBlaze White House Correspondent, reporting from inside and outside The White House and around the beltway in Washington, D.C.

Barack Obama long form birth certificate

Arpaio Detective Meets With NewsBlaze

Randy Foreman meets with Lt. Mike Zullo, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's top deputy in Washington DC, to discuss the Obama Birth Certificate investigation.
political pursuit panel

Political Pursuit, Where The Knowledge of The Media Beats All Comers...

The Fourth Estate dominated all comers in Wednesday evening's National Journal sponsored Political Pursuit event at Washington's Newseum.
cantor pink slipped

Eric Cantor Gets The Boot For Hobnobbing With Elites And Ignoring...

Washington Bloviators wonder why Eric Cantor got the boot. Could it be because the Joe Sixpack voters don't even know who he is anymore?
mike zullo makes a point

Obama Birth Certificate Investigation: Forger Like A Duck In A Noose?

Randy Foreman follows up on Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Cold Case Posse investigation of the Obama Birth Certificate and other documents, lead by Mike Zullo.
supreme court clerks office

The Vogt Affidavit Names Suspected Birth Certificate Forger

Randy Foreman reports on the Doug Vogt affidavit about who may have forged Barack Obama's birth certificate.

Obama Birth Certificate Not In Congress Crosshairs

Following up from our Arpaio story last month, on the third anniversary of the fake Obama Birth Certificate, Randy Foreman asked questions of Congressmen.
conversations with conservatives may 2013

Leadership, What Leadership? Conversations With Conservatives

Randy Foreman reports conservative statements on Medicare, the budget, and tax and regulatory policy, and that they were not happy about their Republican leadership group.
sheriff joe arpaio

Washington DC Unprepared For Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Universe Shattering Surprise

Randy Foreman finds that Sheriff Joe Arpaio's revelations may be a complete surprise to everyone, even though he predicted a universe shattering report.
steve king conversations with conservatives

Steve King Wants To Know: Are Obama Family And Friends Exempt...

Randy Foreman, Washington Correspondent asks Rep Steve King about president Obama's Uncle Omar, at the Heritage Foundation's January 2014 Conversations With Conservatives.
Barack Obama at White House Correspondents' Dinner

Moving from Liar to Fraud

2014 may be the year that Americans begin to dismiss traditional notions that what is going on in Washington is not just a result of policy but of fraud.

Fractured UK Conservative Vote Could Put Labour Left Back In Power

Randy Foreman spoke to EU Parliamentarian and journalist, Daniel Hannan Friday at the Heritage Foundation in DC, about fracturing of the conservative vote.
mary lynne carraway at bloggers briefing

Obamacare Could Destroy Dominos Pizza With Food Labeling Rules

Government mandated food labeling could increase food costs by a billion dollars. How many times have you walked into a Dominos Pizza store to look at the menu boards?
raul labrador conversations with conservatives june2013

Conversations with Conservatives: Was It Worth It?

Before negotiators finalized a debt ceiling deal and a continuing resolution to end the government shutdown, conservatives faced the press in Conversations with Conservatives.
Barricades cant stop the greatest generation

Million Vet March on the Memorials Draws Crowds And Politicians

Several thousand veterans, tea party activists and truckers began a demonstration early Sunday morning at the World War II Memorial in Washington.
We Already Know Congress Is A Little Weird. Ted Cruz Made It More So With His Dr. Seuss Filibuster

Ted Cruz Way Out In Front Of Rubio, Ryan In Values...

Tony Perkins, Family Research Council President, announcing the Values Voter straw poll, says Republican Party establishment will find themselves on the outside.
captain phillips tom hanks

Captain Phillips Movie Review – a Morale Booster

Tom Hanks played Richard Phillips flawlessly, right down to perfecting his Vermont Accent. The producers are to be commended for how well they demonstrated our Navy's professionalism

Gravity Movie Review

The ominous catastrophe is described in the first few flashes on the screen. At 372 miles above earth, there is nothing to carry sound, no air pressure, no oxygen - Life in space is impossible
conversations with conservatives june2013

Conservatives More Unified Than Ever Before: Press Not Buying It

Conversations with Conservatives in the Rayburn House Office building for September centered on debt ceiling, obamacare and tussles between the press and conservatives.
conversations with conservatives june2013

Conversations with Conservatives On Supreme Court Marriage Ruling, Farm Bill

In the June Conversations with Conservatives, Conservative lawmakers gather to inform the press on the supreme court marriage ruling, farm bill, IRS scandal
Where is Edward Snowden?

Edward Snowden: The World Of Deception – Not Where’s Wally, But...

Is Edward Snowden a spy in the world of deception, or nerdy Herb? PRISM stories more than a beach read in Ocean City, with concerns about our future.