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Crop Circle

Crop Circles – Alien Messages Or Human Hoaxes?

Many explanations have been offered on how these circles appear, including the formation by UFOs. However, most of these are believed to be man-made.
Life on Mars

Proof of Life on Mars Expected in Next Few Days

The latest findings are said to be 'full of evidence that supports the existence of life on the surface of Mars, or in subsurface water pools, early in the planet's history.'
Fix Factor

Fi-X-Factor – Brainwashing the audience!

Even though the audience is angered each week, when they see a contestant make a surprise exit, get upset with Simon Cowell's remarks, or question the honesty of the voting and judging, they still keep coming back for more.
Swine Flu vaccinations and depopulation

H1N1 Swine Flu – Vaccination, Profit, Population Control and Murder!

For those of you pondering about the benefits of having a swine flu vaccination (and I hope you have given this some thought!), perhaps I can make your decision a little easier? DON'T DO IT!

Total Recall – Choose The Dream You Want With Hypnosis!

We all remember the film 'Total Recall', where Douglas Quaid (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) decides to take a 'vacation' with a company called 'Rekall', who sell imaginary adventures by implanting false memories.
Israel Seeks Peace

Fort Hood Shooting Used as Ammunition for Iran Attack

Whilst the death of 13 US soldiers is real and terrifying, we must be careful not to jump to conclusions about the motives of the killer, Major Nidal Malik Hasan.
Chicksands Priory Ghost

The Ghost at Chicksands Priory – Investigation report

When it comes to 'Ghostbusters', Nigel Brockwell is the real thing and has been investigating this phenomenon for a very long time.
California quake prediction

Massive Earthquake Predicted for California Within a Month

A friend and 'amateur seismologist' has been studying earthquakes for many years and is used to seeing the regular quakes that appear all over the world.
David Miliband visit to Russia

David Miliband Angers Russia With His Demands

Considering David Miliband is supposed to be a Foreign Secretary, he has obviously failed to do his homework on Russia, or believes he is sufficiently important and powerful enough to be arrogant.
Dionne Bromfield Singing Sensation

Dionne Bromfield – A 13 year-old singing sensation!

Her first TV appearance was on 'Strictly Come Dancing', but you can be absolutely certain you will be seeing a lot more of Dionne Bromfield in the future.
Labour Multicultural Plan cartoon

Labour’s Plot to Make Britain More ‘Multicultural’ – A More Sinister...

Is it really likely that the Labour Party (or any of the mainstream parties) would flood Britain with immigrants to simply annoy the opposition? But what other reason could they have for doing it?
BNP support takes off

BNP Policies Gaining Popularity With The British Public

The interest in the BNP was growing even before Nick Griffin's recent appearance on Question Time, and the polls are only confirming what many people already knew.
Naked Coffee Drinker

Naked Coffee Drinker Arrested in a World Gone Mad

A man from Springfield, Virginia (Eric Williamson, 29) was making some coffee in his kitchen whilst naked, and faces a possible charge of indecent exposure and a year in prison.
UFO Balloon Hoax

UFO Balloon Man Could Face The ‘Reality’ of 6 Years in...

A few days ago viewers watched in horror as a homemade balloon (shaped like a UFO) flew out of control through the Colorado skies, believing that 6 year old Falcon Heene (the son of the balloons designer) was trapped onboard.
Colorado UFO Balloon

Manmade UFO Over Colorado Raises Fear for 6 Year Old Boy

It was believed that the 6 year old son of the man who built it climbed onboard just before it soared into the sky, trapped inside a compartment underneath the balloon.
Barack Obama Nobel Award

Obama’s Nobel Prize – taking the Peace!

Within 11 days of entering the White House, it was decided that Obama should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, even though there were some 200 candidates potentially more deserving for this honour.
Probes smash into Moon

NASA to Smash Two Probes Into The Moon

The first probe, weighing more than 2 tonnes and travelling at a speed of around 5,600mph, will hit the surface first, followed by a smaller craft a few minutes later.
Barack Obama Hypnosis

Obama Does Use Hypnotic Technique in Speeches

A number of people have already suggested that Barack Obama's popularity is not simply the result of well presented speeches, winning people over with his style and easy going manner, but something more sinister.
language problem

Breaking The Language Barrier

With English being the 'international' language on our planet, it is perhaps natural that people in countries using English as their first language (like Britain, the United States, Australia, Canada etc.) are reluctant to learn other languages.
4 ufos

Latest UFO Sighting in Arizona Similar to Phoenix Lights

It is quite rare for UFO sightings to be reported on the mainstream media, especially CNN, but this one managed to obtain a few minutes of airtime.