Brazil UFO Sighting – ‘Contact Between Them and Us is Inevitable’

I received an email recently from A. J. Gevaerd, editor of the Brazilian UFO magazine, providing information on an interview he conducted with Retired Brazilian Army Lieutenant-Colonel Leo Tercio Sperb.

The interview concerns the involvement of the military in a UFO incident in 1977 (the same year Operation Saucer occurred in the Amazon).

Apart from some small grammatical changes to the translated version received, the following information has not been altered in any other way.

Brazil UFO

Lieutenant-Colonel Leo Tercio Sperb revealed that this new found incident took place when he held the highly important position as commander for the 2nd Frontier Battalion, in the city Caceres, state of Mato Grosso, West of Brazil.

The former military commander reported that in mid 1977 he was informed by his men that a small settlement located somewhere in the middle of the Cuiaba-Caceres Road was highly excited about sightings of a strange and recurring luminous object that appeared predominantly at night. Having always been open to UFO issues, and seeing the reports were significant, he sent a man to do some preliminary investigations.

Captain Abrao (full name unknown) was commissioned to go to the site, talk to witnesses and collect as much data as possible and also physical evidence of whatever was happening in the mentioned location. One piece of evidence found and retrieved was a sandal with burn marks similar to the burns caused by a welder’s torch, found in the center of a vast circular area of burnt vegetation left by the object, according to the astonished witnesses. They also reported that the UFO was regular on those nights.

On returning to the 2nd Frontier Battalion, Captain Abrao reported the facts to Lieutenant-Colonel Sperb and handed over his report as well as the collected evidence, which led Sperb to conclude that something serious was happening in the area. The commander then gathered a troop of four men to be sent immediately to the spot: one corporal and three soldiers. They received express orders to keep a stake-out in specific places in the woods close to the village, according to the witnesses’ guidance, so they could have a full view of the unidentified flying object and photograph it as it moved.

By the end of the week, the troop was successful in documenting the observation of spherical UFOs, brightly lit and exactly like described by the villagers. Several black-and-white pictures were taken and handed over to the commander, who concluded the troop’s mission was done. The photos would show lights similar to those in pictures obtained by the Operation Saucer (see image used for this article). Lieutenant-Colonel Leo Tercio Sperb wrote up a report, attached the photos and collected evidence, and forwarded them all to the Army Corps in Corumba, state of Mato Grosso do Sul, to which his Corps was subordinate.

The former military commander reported that after the troop withdrew, the UFOs apparently did not trouble the villagers again. He added that he never got any reply to his report from headquarters in Corumba.

With this incident, collected by the Brazilian UFO Magazine – that goes after witnesses and evidence wherever they may be – the Brazilian UFO community now have one more UFO incident definitely involving military forces in the country, in the course of which Army men on an official mission and using official resources of that force not only witnessed but also registered the occurrence of a phenomena considered of extraordinary origin. Other important military to give full statements to the Brazilian UFO Magazine are brigadier Jose Carlos Pereira and former Aeronautics minister brigadier Socrates Monteiro.

When asked about his personal view of the alien presence on Earth, Lieutenant-Colonel Leo Tercio Sperb demonstrated that he belongs to a lineage of Brazilian military that is quite open and prepared to face the reality of the UFO Phenomenon. He asserted that he thinks “there’s no question about the existence of other intelligences in contact with Earth’s humankind,” and that “contact between them and us is inevitable and will definitely happen in the future.”

My thanks to the Brazilian UFO Magazine for forwarding this information. You can read more UFO and Alien articles on a special page created by Newsblaze HERE.