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Pete Allman, “The Man on the Scene,” is based in Marina del Rey, California, concentrating on producing feature films, television projects, and commercials. Pete also has an office in Las Vegas, which he visits occasionally.

Pete is also a restaurant critic, broadcast personality and celebrity interviewer. He produces inspirational messages for television and other media.

Of all the investigations he makes, we suspect he likes critiquing restaurants the most, because he can taste the food, savor the atmosphere, interact with people, and photograph all the goodies.

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Mayor Eric Garcetti and Jim Moseley.

James Moseley Saves Lives Without Being There In Person

James Moseley, CEO of Sunseeker Enterprises, created a 3000 degree protective spray to protect the outer layer of US Forestry fire shelters.
ritz carlton cuisine

Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel Offers Divine Cuisine With Relaxing Ambiance

The award-winning Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel is a truly great getaway for families and companies holding corporate events, and the cuisine is divine.
Chef Joel Delmond with Pete Allman

Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort and Spa Offers Relaxing Fine Dining...

Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort features the Summer Wine Series - Rodney Strong Wines with a pairing of cuisine delights from Executive Chef Joel Delmond.

Thai Brothers Restaurant Showcases ‘Superb’ Dishes in Laguna Beach

Thai Brothers in the heart of Laguna Beach starts your love affair with Thai cuisine. Celebrity Scene News awards four stars to Thai Brothers.

Tortilla Republic Offers Unique Recipes With Mexican Flair

Their mission is to provide a fun atmosphere, yet serve Mexican classics with exciting essences. Come take a culinary journey to the Gulf of Mexico.
duck and date melange

Spice Affair Reveals Unique Flavors of India

Spice Affair in Beverly Hills, California captivated Pete Allman and his guests, Tom Hallick and Yin Jiang, with unique Indian cuisine and stunning flavors.
image001 141401

A Helping Hand Remembered

Hayden reminded Gail that he appreciated the book and had since attended a church service at Life Church. It was Hayden's first visit to church, where he decided to dedicate his life to the Lord and has was reborn.
Vendange Sign

Vendange Inn and Suites Offers The ‘Best Comfort’ Away From Home

Vendange Inn and Suites is the first wined themed Inn in Carmel and Monterey County, as it compliments the fine wineries of this area.
Holman Ranch sign

Holman Ranch Offers A Romantic Retreat For Lovers

Holmans Ranch was established in 1928 with a modest Spanish style hacienda, constructed with Carmel stone walls and handmade Mexican terracotta roofing.
bottle ceiling

Bacari P.D.R. Offers Mediterranean-Inspired Wine and Cuisine

Tom Hallick, whose known for many films such as Freddy Got Fingered, Waking Up Horton and Perfect Couples, along with his wife, Yin Jiang, a concert violinist with Andrea Bocelli were my guests. Lior Hillel, the executive chef and Kevin Corona, Chef
barbiancas restaurant

Barbiancas Restaurant Offers Diners With Organically-Inspired Cuisine

Executive chef Mark Gold greeted Tom Hallick, who starred in many television shows such as Murder She Wrote, and The Young and Restless, to some of the most creative dishes.
tom edgar pete

Philippe Chow Brings Asian Delight in Beverly Hills

The newest Phillippe Chow restaurant in Beverly Hills has a contemporary atmosphere, with convention area. Chefs Wei Ming Cheng and Steven Feng treated us in wonderful fusion style.

Cafe Pinguini Entices Customers With Authentic Italian Cuisine

At romantic Caffe Pinguini in Los Angeles, we find Tom Hallick, known for Gangster Squad, and his wife Yin Jiang, a concert violinist with Andrea Bocelli.
image2 130801

Pecorino Italian Bistro Showcases Italian Cooking With Passion

Pecorino Bistro has a cozy feeling, where patrons are surrounded by brick walls that look upon an open kitchen. The modern italian cuisine includes authentic dishes from various regions of Italy
Las Brisa 1

Las Brisas Restaurant Offers ‘Heavenly’ Mexican Cuisine in Laguna Beach

Victor Hugo's was built in 1938 as a world class restaurant, where celebrities would enjoy a get away after finishing a film. In 1979 the Real Maz corporation purchased Victor Hugo's and renamed it Las Brisas.
Chef Ali Pete Allman

Chef Imran Ali Showcases Indian Cuisine ‘Galore’ at Tamarind of London

Tamarind of London has two areas for dining, one in a contemporary elegant setting and the other in a patio area, which overlooks the fire pits.
Hande and Bulent, Francesca and Ragip Gundogor

Gi Gi’s Bistro Serves Mediteranean Cuisine In Artistic Style

Gi Gi's Bistro is a delightful Mediterranean dining experience in Laguna Beach, California. The cuisine includes a traditional Hamsili pilay, prepared with rice and small fish.
Art Hotel

Laguna Beach Art Hotel Caters to Artists and Tourists From All...

Gail Duncan is the proprietor of The Art Hotel, a boutique hotel in Laguna Beach that caters to artists and tourists from all over the world.

Thai Vegan Cuisine Becoming ‘Trendy’ in Santa Monica

The first order was traditional Thai Ice Tea, with fresh vegetable rolls, romaine lettuce, cucumber, carrots, and tofu wrapped in rice paper. Yummy!

Watson Drug and Soda Fountain Keeps Cheerful Spirit This Christmas

In 1971 Scott Parker purchased Watson's and changed the name to Watson Drug and Soda Fountain. During our meeting, we met Mr. Parker, who to this day is a Pharmacist at Walgreen's.