Mamita Peruvian Restaurant – A Taste of Peru

There are quite a few Peruvian restaurants in Los Angeles that serve good cuisine in different styles. However, Mamita Peruvian Restaurant is the finest I have discovered so far. Their history is marked in the history of Los Angeles, and was founded by Sonia Gubeara and attended to by her daughter Natalie.

On this occasion, Tom Hallick, the veteran actor who starred in “The Young and Restless,” as Brad Elliott joined me, with his wife Yin Jiang. Yin Jiang is a concert violinist with Andrea Bocelli and New West Symphony, and she loves Peruvian food.

Our culinary journey began with Ceviche de Mariscos, prepared with shrimp, squid, and octopus, marinated in a spicy lemon juice, topped with onions and garnished with sweet potatoes and Peruvian corn.

“I love the Ceviche, everything about it – the presentation, the aroma and especially the taste,” Tom Hallick said.

picante mariscos especial.
Picante Mariscos Especial

Yin Jiang had the Papa a la Huanciana, an appetizer consisting of boiled potatoes served in a creamy garlic/cheese sauce, and I had the Ceviche. This was an excellent way to start off our dining experience.

Next, Tom and Yin were served Lomito Montado Estilo Mamitas, an entree prepared with beef strips sautéed with French fries, two eggs, cilantro, onions and tomatoes, served with steamed rice. My entree, Pescado al Vapor Especial, was steamed fish filet Peruvian style with a combination of seafood. Delicious.

Other items we partook in were the Model beer, Maracuya, which is passion fruit and Chicha Morado, made from purple corn, and Yuca Frita, which is fried yucca. Peruvian cuisine is one of flavor from the natural juices of the meats and imported spices.

As an extra added treat, I chose to partake in Picante de Maricos, an entree with seafood, milk and peanuts blended in a medium red hot sauce. This dish was awesome, and my favorite dish. I compliment Arturo Melgar for his knowledge of Peruvian cuisine.

saltado de carne con vegetales
Saltado de Carne con Vegetales


As I have said on many an occasion, a sweet tooth is something that most of us enjoy. Our desert consisted of Helado de Lucuma, an ice cream with Lucuma Peruvian fruit and Crema Volteada, a flan. These were the perfect way to end our wonderful dining experience.

Mamita Peruvian restaurant is located in Glendale at 714 Brand Boulevard. Hours of operation are 11:30 am to 10 pm. For catering and delivery call 818- 243-5121.

Celebrity Scene News awards 5 stars to Mamita Peruvian Restaurant for it’s authentic cuisine, atmosphere, and service.

pollo estilo mamita.
Pollo Estilo Mamita
tom hallick natalie gubeara pete allman in mamita peruvian restaurant.
Tom Hallick, Natalie Gubeara and Pete Allman inside Mamita Peruvian Restaurant.
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