Original Kabob Factory Earns Rave Reviews From Celebrities

On Earth Day, April 22nd, a group celebrities joined Professor Newton Lee, Dr. Michael Murray, and Dr. Anca Selariu in presenting “Winds of Freedom,” a documentary about global peace. Among the celebrities, Del Zamora from “True Blood,” and Tom Hallick, “The Young and Restless,” wanted to have some Kabobs.

I was referred to the “The Original Kabob Factory,” which has a history of 50 years, with original family recipes. Nick Mourdin, the owner, uses all natural fresh beef, lamb, chicken, and pork with natural spices such as paprika, and grape seed oil.

“When you enjoy a beef shish kebab, a chicken breast, added with our homemade dips, it brings out an amazing taste,” Mourdin says.

On this occasion, my guests were Tom Hallick, a veteran actor who just received “Best Supporting” for “The Admired,” and Del Zamora from “True Blood.” We all enjoyed a selection of beef, pork, tri-tip, chicken breast and ground chicken kabobs with Saffron rice and green roasted peppers.

“I used to use bell peppers, the hot ones and enjoyed these, which were not hot, and the stewed tomatoes,” Hallick stated, “These are the best kebabs. You don’t need any of the dips for the chicken.” The sauces, which are prepared daily, are eggplant, cucumber, yogurt, hummus, and tabbouli.

Talin Ayanian, who provided all the dishes and dips, had mentioned that the natural flavors from the juices of the meat, and a little paprika bring out the best taste. There is no question that the quality of the kabobs and the homemade dips are better then any I have tasted. No wonder Original Kabob Factory is noted as L. A’s Best Kabob House.

Left to right Pete Allman, Taking Ayanian, Del Zamora, and Tom Hallick.
Left to right Pete Allman, Taking Ayanian, Del Zamora, and Tom Hallick


I love Baklava! This Baklava and Rose water cake was to die for. The cake with the rose water infused in it adds a very sweet taste, but not as sweet as the Baklava. For those who have to watch their sugar intake, try the rose water cake.


The Original Kebab Factory serves the communities of Burbank, and Glendale. They also cater for the studios, Children’s Hospital, and Kaiser Permanente, and Woodbury University.

I note that their reputation is such that they are recognized as the number one kabob house in Los Angeles. We all highly recommend The Original Kabob Factory for any function, catering to up to 5,000 people.

Original Kabob Factory is located at 1700 Glenoaks Blvd, unit d. in Glendale. Hours of operation are 10 am to 9 pm Monday through Sunday. Call 818-500-9500. for your next event or take out.

Celebrity Scene News awards 5 stars for superior cuisine.

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