La Bruschetta – A Tradition in Fine Italian Dining

There is something to be said for tradition in dining where the proprietor greets each customer as if they were coming into his home. Angelo Peloni and his son Robert make it a point to treat each one of their patrons with love and kindness. It has been that way for 34 years, catering to the likes of the late Liz Taylor, Burt Lancaster, and many great film producers.

Angelo came to the United States when he was 21. He worked at The Palms, the Executive Room as a Captain, and has had other restaurants. However, his passion was to go back to his roots in Genoa, Italy and use authentic recipes, yet add some unique features to his cuisine. The combination of greeting his patrons and making sure his recipes are on point, has customers returning time and again, some for over 30 years.

“People want to be recognized, especially mature adults. That’s what we do at our restaurant. It’s our way of life,” Angelo says.

La Bruschetta Culinary Journey

In reviewing the cuisine at restaurants, I usually invite guests, especially those who have traveled the world. Tom Hallick, the first host of “Entertainment Tonight,” who was recently nominated for Best Supporting Actor for “The Admired,” and his wife Yin Jiang, a concert violinist with New West Symphony and Andrea Bocelli joined me in a unique tasting of appetizers from Italy, and entrees that melt in your mouth.

Our first appetizers were the Tortino di Funghi con Fonduta, a vegetarian pate of wild mushroom and black truffles, in a fontina creme sauce. It was so delicious!

We were also served Burrata, a soft cheese imported from Italy, as well as Gnocchi, which is potato dumplings. Both fabulous!

During our conversation with Angelo Peloni and his son Robert, we met patrons who had been customers for 30 plus years. This is a lost art, as most proprietors are not in their restaurant to greet their patrons.

Main Course

With a glass of wine from Italy, and a Stella Artois Pilsner beer for Tom Hallick, we traveled to Italy through our cuisine. Our first entree was Ravioli ai Carciofi, an artichoke ravioli, with cherry tomatoes, asparagus, olive oil, and garlic in a white wine sauce. An outstanding dish.

ravioli al carciofi.
Ravioli al Carciofi

Our second course of Costolette di Agnello al Barolo, consisted of Australian lamb loin chops in a Barolo wine, with balsamic herb sauce and fresh herbs.

“Angelo prepares the best lamb chops! This is better then the French Laundry in Napa valley,” Hallick said.

I had ordered for the third main course Barramundi, an amazing tender white fish from Australia, prepared with lemon capers and a puttanesca style sauce. With that, salmon and fresh bard sauce was also served. This was indeed the ultimate taste for me. My favorite fish comes from the regions of Alaska and Norway.

There is no question that Angelo Peloni and his recipes are truly authentic and such a sensation to the taste buds. Another entree which I enjoyed at another time was the Penne al Indiana, prepared with shrimp, eggplant, curry, in a light creme sauce. I happen to be a curry lover too!

For those on a strict diet, there’s Gluten-free pasta and risotto.


How in the world could we fill our tummies with desert, you might ask. It’s very easy when you have a sweet tooth. And there is always room for dessert!

italian sorpresa.
Italian Sorpresa

The Italian Sorpresa, a dark chocolate shell has a warm scoop of homemade gelato, with a secret ingredient. When warm caramel is poured over the shell, it melts into the gelato which also has fruit. A beautiful sight to watch.

Angelo’s Molten Cake is wonderful. It is a dense chocolate cake with a chocolate lava center, served with a scoop of white vanilla gelato. What a delight, especially with espresso.

Angelo, Robert and their staff made our visit a real pleasure, the best dining experience ever!

La Bruschetta is located on 1621 Westwood Boulevard in Los Angeles. They’re open for lunch from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm and 5 pm until closing, usually 11pm. For reservations call 310-477-1052.

Celebrity Scene News awards 5 1/2 stars to La Bruschetta for authentic cuisine, warm friendly conversation by Angelo Peloni, stellar service, and an incredible wine cellar.

robert, angelo, tom, pete at la bruschetta
Robert, Angelo, Tom and Pete at La Bruschetta
la bruschetta
La Bruschetta main course.
la bruschetta - wow!
La Bruschetta wow
la bruschetta plate.
La Bruschetta Plate
la bruschetta main course.
La Bruschetta
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