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Dr. Kevin Emery Releases Second Edition of Managing the Gift: Alternative Approaches for Attention Deficit Disorder
7 days ago
Kam Williams reviews the book, 'The Myth of Race' by Mahmoud El-Kati published by Papyrus Publishing.
16:18 Apr 5, 2014
The Book of Enoch was written by the Prophet Enoch and contains much of his life and of the events of early religious history even of Adams journeys..
08:34 Mar 30, 2014
Carmichael made a case for political revolution. 'We have begged the president. We've begged the federal government... Every courthouse in Mississippi ought to be burned down tomorrow!'
09:24 Mar 28, 2014
Sometimes, a sister has to kiss a lot of frogs before finding her soul mate. In Dr. Nazaree Hines-Starr's case, she had to date a lot of 'scumbags,' as she puts it.
17:24 Mar 20, 2014
Movie reviewer Kam Williams interviews Russell Simmons, a native New Yorker currently residing in Los Angeles with his two daughters. Here, he talks about his new book: Success through Stillness: Meditation Made Simple.
14:08 Mar 19, 2014
The question each of us must ask, why humanity's compassion is off course.
13:12 Mar 17, 2014
I'm here to tell you that meditation can take you there... The path that I will lay out in this book represents the simplest route between your current state and that happiness...
06:41 Mar 13, 2014
When she discovered ballet, Misty was living in a shabby motel room, struggling with her five siblings for a place to sleep on the floor. A true prodigy, she was dancing en pointe within three months of taking her first dance class,
04:50 Mar 6, 2014
The point is to get it out, to validate my feelings, to communicate how good it feels to no longer live in fear of what others may think, and to share my journey and move on. I have survived.'
18:27 Feb 20, 2014
Childhood, I argue throughout this book, is a primary material in the historical construction of that cover. Childhood innocence-itself raced white-secured the unmarked status of whiteness, and the power derived from that status.'
09:14 Feb 14, 2014
NewBlaze writer Kam Williams interviews Dinesh Sharma, author of 'The Global Obama'. Dr. Dinesh Sharma is a cultural psychologist, marketing consultant and an acclaimed author with a doctorate from Harvard University.
16:46 Feb 5, 2014
By contrast, the former group was brought there to work the fields only about a hundred years ago by the United Fruit Company, settling in an area called Colonia.
09:25 Feb 2, 2014
Book by Brian Fisher spotlights men as culprits. Abortion: The Ultimate Exploitation of Women - Brian E. Fisher ... explains it all. Fisher makes certain things clear from the 'get-go.'
11:51 Jan 24, 2014
Soul Train was a nationally-syndicated TV series which enjoyed a phenomenal, 35-year run from 1971 until 2006.
15:12 Jan 23, 2014
Newsblaze South Asia Photojournalist Sumit Thaaran attended the five day Jaipur Literature Festival, capturing some interesting moments for our readers.
21:04 Jan 22, 2014
Since the first of the year author Cynthia S. Bercowetz has been busy at book signings.
16:44 Jan 22, 2014
Kingsley Olaleye Reuben speaks to a wattpadder who took part in the websites' prestigious writing competition ... Katherine DeWitt Bukater
10:24 Jan 18, 2014
Bethany is angry at the world and immerses herself in art. On the other hand, Andi looks for a distraction. Once Amelie allows her to redo the attic into her own room, Andi dives in to the project.
08:28 Jan 11, 2014
We wanted to explore the stark contrast between Obama's popularity abroad and his suboptimal ratings at home... Why the inverse correlation between the public image at home versus abroad?
07:58 Jan 9, 2014

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