Sunday, December 4, 2016



Democratic Contributors Brace for the New World They Now Face

Money down a rat hole is the general feeling of big Democratic donors to Hillary Clinton's failed presidential campaign. The frustration will soon be...

New Online Insomnia Program Helps People Overcome Sleep Problems

For Insomnia Sufferers, This is For You! A new study revealed the Sleep Healthy Using the Internet (SHUTi) program, an online insomnia program, is an...


Street Women in Iran: Not a Profession, But a Sign of...

There are many rising social dilemmas in today's Iran. Along with poverty, homelessness, and substance addiction, there are street women. It is clear Iran's...

Crashed Colombia-Bound Plane Ran Out Of Fuel

Pilot Says "LAMIA 933 is in total failure, total electrical failure, without fuel" A leaked recording of the last minutes of the doomed flight of...
Attendees on their feet for the USA and Israel anthems.

JNF Annual Breakfast Wake-Up Call

Fidel Castro in the 1960's.

Cuba’s Fidel Castro Dies at 90


The Last Farewell: Iran Hangs More Young People

It's Thursday morning Nov. 24, In Karaj, a small city just off the Iranian capital city of Tehran. Just as the sun comes out,...

A #NODAPL Thanksgiving Day 2016 Open Letter to President Barack Obama

Mr. President I'm writing to you on this sad day of Thanksgiving in response to despicably-racist, un-American conduct happening in these United Sates. The perpetrators...






a powerful hurricane.

Northeastern USA Coast in Danger of Powerful Hurricanes

Brace Yourself! Hurricanes Are Coming New research shows increasing hurricane risk along the Northeastern coast of the USA in coming years due to shifting weather...
drinking water

Southeastern Australia May Turn to the Ocean for Drinking Water

Drinking water is a limited resource, and cities around the world know the importance of being prepared for a water shortage. Australia has had...
pregnant woman.

Winter Conception Increases Risk of Gestational Diabetes

Winter Conception Linked to Gestational Diabetes A new study revealed that women whose babies are conceived in winter are more likely to develop gestational diabetes...
A supermoon, the brightest and largest full moon in the decade.

Supermoon Dazzles Star Gazers World Wide

Supermoon Offers Rare Treat To Star Gazers The supermoon has dazzled star gazers worldwide with its spectacular size and brighter glory. NASA described the biggest full...
polar bears near north pole.

Breakthrough Study: How Individuals Contribute To Arctic Sea Ice Melt

No One Is Exempt, Each of Us Contribute to Arctic Sea Ice Melt For the first time in history, a new study revealed how each...


Blood Stains The American Flag Again

America may have been the land of the free, but recently, it seems more like the land of the freedom to kill. Blood stains...

Happy 4th July 2016: A Political Holiday

Happy 4th July 2016 It is the 4th of July, the special day each year that patriotic Americans celebrate Independence Day. The Fourth of July is...