Tuesday, August 30, 2016



Open Letter to Colin Kaepernick: Change Comes From Action

Colin Kaepernick while you chose to sit in protest, my son chose to stand and serve this country and sacrifice his life for America,...

Clinton Campaign Celebrating Chickens Before They Hatch (part 1 of 2)

The national polls mostly indicate Hillary Clinton holds a moderate to wide lead over Donald Trump. The Clinton Campaign is smug. There are media...


Bahrain Hits Back Against UN Falsehoods

Sinister indeed are the ways of some human rights organizations. So sinister in fact that they even manage to swing opinion in the highest...

Quake And Aftershocks Rattle Central Italy; 250 Dead

A powerful earthquake rattled mountainous central Italy, leaving 241 people dead and hundreds injured. Deadly Earthquake Rocks Italy A powerful earthquake rattled mountainous central Italy, leaving...


Shocking Results If Hillary Elected

Bringing Up Benghazi Report This presidential election is by far the most important in our lifetimes. It features Hillary - one of the worst candidates...

The NRA Files Legal Challenge To California Open Carry Bans –...

In the wake of its humiliating legal defeat in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals last June which held that there is no right...






Mathematics in the Physics Olympics.

Physics Olympics – No Drug Testing Required

Although most of the world was focused on the athletic Olympics in Brazil, there was actually another and arguably much more important Olympiad held...
Baby orangutan in Borneo. Preserving mammal diversity.

Degraded Forests Can Conserve Mammal Diversity

Logged Forests Can Be Habitat for Endangered Mammals New research reveals that logged forests still play a vital role in conserving mammal diversity. In a detailed...
sea level rise chart

Why does Obama Say Climate Change Biggest Security Threat?

Donald Trump along with virtually every sitting and candidate Republican congressperson, plus religious conservatives say there is no such thing as global warming. See below...
Harmony Council logo.

INSPAD Initiates Long-Awaited “Harmony Council”

Contact Kimberly Jones Telephone 757-650-4892 Cell 757-650-4892. Email [email protected] Website www.Inspad.org. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 21, 2016. INSPAD INITIATES LONG-AWAITED "HARMONY COUNCIL" Think Tank to work on interdependencies...
Dogs Prefer Praise Over Food.

Study Says Dogs Prefer Praise Over Food

Dogs Want Social Rewards and Praise Than Food To explore canine preferences, a neuroscientist at Emory University conducted research to find out what dominates in...


Happy 4th July 2016: A Political Holiday

Happy 4th July 2016 It is the 4th of July, the special day each year that patriotic Americans celebrate Independence Day. The Fourth of July is...

Olympic Games Set To Arrive In Brazil Amid Crises

The Olympic Games arrive in Brazil during a time when the country is struggling through all types of crises. A public health emergency, a...