Wednesday, March 29, 2017



Trump Faces First Test of Nation’s Mood in Upcoming Local Elections

Newly-elected President Donald J. Trump has come stumbling out of the blocks in his first two months in the Oval Office. It hasn't taken...

President Trump Uses Golf Clubs for International Relations

According to reports from the Washington Post, President Donald Trump has only been in office for a couple months, but he's taken 11 trips...


Saudi Arabia Faces Stiff Competition in Today’s Oil Market

When Chevron Oil engineers discovered a vast ocean of oil under the Arabian kingdom 78-years-ago, now known as Saudi Arabia, their king was incredulous...

London Attack: Police Name Khalid Masood As Main Suspect

Assailant Inspired by Islamic Ideology Grief and shock continue to grip the British community after the London attack that killed four people and injured more...


Nursing Home Abuse: Horrors In The Guise Of Caregiving

The word "nursing" in nursing home seems to imply nurturing and care for our most vulnerable friends and family members - those who have...

MSNBC Goes Full-on Mad Cow Over Trump Tax Return

As if there wasn't enough fake news already, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow created more this week. The Mad Cow hyped up viewers, promising an unveiling...






poison in a bottle.

Poison Prevention Alert: Five Tips To Protect Children From Household Poisons

Prevention is The Best Line of Defense Against Poisoning Poisoning is dangerous and can even be deadly. The worst thing about poisoning is, children are...
depressed woman.

Does Climate Change Cause Depression?

Depression, Anxiety, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Are Common Among Flood Victims In a quest to probe further on the impact of climate change on mental health,...
homemade cleaning product

8 Homemade Cleaning Products Everyone Needs

Are you concerned about the level of chemicals in your cleaning products, but worried the alternatives won't bring the same spotless shine to your...
illegal immigration sign.

Trump’s Get Tough Policy on Illegal Immigration Getting Astounding Results

Illegal immigration numbers in February indicate President Donald Trump continues to follow through with his campaign promises. The number of people apprehended for illegally...
An astronaut on space exploration.

Study Reveals Health Risks Associated With Travel to Mars

Exposure to Space Radiation Causes Leukemia? Space travel to Mars could be a dream come true especially for those who are on the lookout for...


Judge Goes Rogue, Decides Which Law To Ignore

Last Friday in Seattle, U.S. District Court Judge James Robart temporarily blocked one of President Donald Trump's executive orders. That executive order had effectively...

Obama’s Time Runs Out As Trump Storms In

As in life, everything eventually comes to an end. After almost eight years in office, Barack Obama's time runs out, and he is in...