UN Critical To A Range of US Interests

As the newly-appointed U.S. Ambassador to United Nations, Ms. Samantha Power today underlined the importance of US engagement with the UN when it comes to a range of things promoting its interests overseas.

In her remarks before the Presentation of Credentials to the UN Secretary General in New York, Ms. Power said the United Nations is critical to a range of U.S. interests, and U.S. leadership at the United Nations is indispensable to making progress on those interests.

George W. Bush addressed the General Assembly on September 12, 2002 on Iraq prior to the passage of Resolution 1441.

She highlighted that US and UN have a lot to discuss and even more to do – whether it’s terrorism or the broader range of security concerns; mass atrocities in Syria; South Sudan; the effort to alleviate global poverty; the crackdown on civil society around the world.

“There are just so many issues where the United States and the United Nations have to work together to achieve progress.” – Ms. Power

Ambassador Power Looking Forward To Fulfilling Her Role

Ms. Power says she is honored and thrilled to have started work as the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.

Later on, she is set to meet with the Secretary-General so as to present her credentials. She has worked with the Secretary-General over the last few years at the White House.

“I worked very effectively with him – and I’m looking very much forward to a close working relationship now that I am up here in New York.” – Ms. Power

Ms. Power also expressed gladness and says she is incredibly fortunate to be able to come to New York, to sit behind the placard that says the United States and very fortunate to be able to work with others in the months ahead.

“So I thank you for coming out, and I look forward to a journey together.” – Ms. Power

The United Nations was the first international governmental organization to receive important support from the United States.

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