New UN Resolution Deplores Plot To Assassinate Saudi Ambassador

The United States of America today welcomed the new UN Resolution that condemns plot to assassinate Saudi Ambassador.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said the United Nations General Assembly sent a strong message to the Iranian regime that the international community cannot and will not tolerate assaults on its diplomatic corps.

She stressed that The targeting of another nation’s diplomats is not just a threat to that nation, it is a threat to the international system.

“I want to thank Saudi Arabia for drafting and marshalling support for this resolution and the over 60 cosponsors, from every region of the world.” -Ms. Clinton

She stressed that today’s resolution condemns the assassination plot and calls on Iran to comply with all of its obligations under international law. She said Iran must provide law enforcement assistance and cooperate with the countries who are working to bring to justice all those who participated in the planning, sponsoring, organization and attempted execution of the attack.

She noted that the UN resolution demonstrates the increasing isolation of the Iranian regime as a result of its defiance of the international community and repeated failure to uphold its obligations under international law.

“Today, the United Nations made clear it is losing patience with empty promises, dangerous actions and veiled threats.” -Ms. Clinton

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