General Assembly Establishes New Administration of Justice System

Minister Counselor for United Nations Management & Reform Stephen Lieberman today announced the General Assembly, through its resolutions 61/261, 62/228 and 63/253, decided to establish “an independent, transparent, professionalized, adequately resourced and decentralized system of Administration of Justice.”

In his remarks before the UN General Assembly’s Fifth Committee (Administrative & Budgetary) on the Administration of Justice, Mr. Lieberman satted that the resolutions represent a landmark achievement for the Administration of Justice at the United Nations, constituting a major milestone in the reform of the United Nations.

Mr. Lieberman underscored that the resolutions also created a new formal system of justice consisting of two new judicial bodies, the United Nations Dispute Tribunal and the United Nations Appeals Tribunal, and an expanded and reinvigorated system administered by the Office of the Ombudsman for informally resolving staff disputes with staff.

“These measures, along with other innovative reforms, have brought the United Nations’ internal justice system into the 21st Century. The new Administration of Justice system is already having a significant positive impact on the transparency, fairness, efficiency, and accountability of the United Nations personnel system.”-Mr. Lieberman

He stressed that his delegation is impressed by the professionalism and productivity of the new system, and wants to particularly thank the Judges and all of the UN staff who worked on these issues for their tireless efforts. He cited that collectively, they have all contributed to making the new system a success.

Mina Fabulous
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