Young Nepali Woman Dies in Car Accident in Virginia


A 21 year old Nepali, Kritika Singh, died in a car accident while driving on Interstate 66 West in Virginia, last night. Apparently, the young woman was not wearing a seat belt and she was ejected from the vehicle. The vehicle hit a mattress, which fell off a van.

A male passenger in Singh’s vehicle was wearing a seat belt and was not killed, even though the vehicle hit a truck, rolled over and ended up in the woods.

The woman’s body is reported to be at Inova hospital, awaiting relatives from out of state. Her body will be taken to a funeral home when her relatives arrive tomorrow.

The woman’s family wants the body to be taken back to Nepal. Singh, a Kathmandu native, was a student at Virginia International University. The Association of Nepalese in the Americas and the Nepali Student Association at VIU are involved in assisting family and friends.

Virginia International University has started a collection for Ms. Singh’s family. [ VIU story ]

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Source: Medini Adhikari, General Secretary, ANA

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