California Burning and Obama Ablaze

All I know is what little I see on the Internet, and the news is pretty much either about the California wild fires or Obama picking out his league of Justice, the superheroes of the new administration.

As I write this, Obama is meeting with John McCain in Chicago. There is talk that Obama is considering putting a Republican elder in his cabinet.

Some say maybe a spot for McCain? which would prove that politicians like campaigns and conflict more than they like the actual job.

I think that for the first time ever, depending on Obama`s picks, CSPAN might just get the highest TV ratings of all the networks. Watching Senate or Congress try to work with each other will be like watching cirque du soleil with an anger management problem. This could be the real key to the bailout. Obama has such a rock star appeal that they could start selling ads on this government TV channel and make some good revenue to really help Americans out.

Now as I said early last week, I knew Obama was going to get super star treatment around the country with his picks, but now it seems like other than picking the Father, Son and Holy Ghost he is surrounding himself with the most visual and political commandos alive.

Republicans are starting to wonder if Democrats are going to try to live their lives without them. Democrats, you should expect a lot of Christmas cards from Republicans this year; they don`t want you to forget they are there. Republicans just want things to be fair and balanced Mr. Obama and considering your landslide, I would say you get to tell folks where the heavy weight is dispersed.

The California wild fires are the other big issue in the news. Not that these fires are anything new to Californians, it`s just that they put one out and another one starts. Maybe Gov. Schwarzenegger (Rep) is still stuck in the blaze of this last 8 years of Bush burning. But, Schwarzenegger should be used to that being a Republican in a Democratic state. I guess he could be just practicing for the real fire storm coming with the millions of dollars needed to pay off California`s debt.

These fires burning right now in that state are more like the day time soaps, mainly cause they keep reigniting and won`t go away. I don`t mean to minimize what is happening in California, it is just that it keeps happening. They put one out and another one pops up. If the Governor was smart he would find out a way to sell tickets to this thing or sell the rights to the movie to Hollywood. They would save a bundle because it can all be shot on location, their own backyards.

Title: “California Wild fires burn a hole in west coaster`s wallets”. He could use the money to pay the 28 Billion Dollar tab they have running for last few fires.

Now I am not saying that the fires are the only reason that Californians are so in debt, no, I lived in California long enough to know that the mortgage and home industry is a big reason why that state of golden opportunity is now know as the state of confusion. It is the birth state of this real estate and mortgage debacle. When I lived there even a double wide trailer in the central coast cost $1,100 a month in rent and gas at that time was $2.00 a gallon and that was in 2002.

Here is a plan that might just help Californian`s drive that debt. Allow folks who are gay to marry. Not in a church (Cause God does not allow that); something about judgment day, or is that thou shalt not judge thy neighbor, Anyhow. Marry them in the court house; you know where we “officialize” legal issues of Americans. Last time I checked they don`t allow you to dispute or get rid of your spouse in a church.

As a matter of fact some religions would rather you tough it out and stay miserable with the ones you love or hate . . . eternally. Can you imagine the revenue that would be produced if you just let all folks marry in that state or nationwide for that matter. You would have wedding planners, caterers, decorators, musicians, line dance instructions, boy; the list goes on and on. If you have ever been to a party that a Gay person put together, then you know that bigger is better, absolutely NO pun intended. Now instead as I have pointed out in earlier comments, Californians will be tied up in court battling over this Prop 8 thing.

Right now American ingenuity is needed a lot more than static old thinking. We are all going to have to give up some things in the years to come to survive this mess, namely other people`s freedom.

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