Where the Attackers are Inspired

The suicide attacks have increased since Parvez Musharraf left the power politics of Pakistan. Just some time ago only in the three days, three big suicide attacks have shown their horror. The next day from the day Musharraf left, there was a planned suicide attack in Dera Ismail Khan town in the west north border state of Pakistan.

On August 19th an unknown motorcyclist shot a man from Shia community. The man was taken to local district civil hospital. The big crowd and a great number of politicians followed him. Right at that time, a suicide bomber joined the crowd and busted himself. As a result of it, 25 people died on the spot and among the deaths the majority belonged to the Shia community whereas many were policemen too. Many suicide attacks have done this before, in Dera Ismail Khan.

The second fresh suicide attack was done on August 21 about 30 K.M. from Islamabad in a Government Ordinance factory that manufactures weapons for pak army. Here the attackers did two blasts at two main gates of the factory when the workers were coming out after finishing their work. These blasts were done at the interval of only 30 seconds and news was reported that 75 people died, whereas 100 were badly injured. The responsibility of this suicide attack was taken by a resident of Pakistan, Maulvi Omar, a Taliban spokesman.

This Talibani spokesman says that this action has been done to oppose the military action done by the Pak army in the Tribal area of Pak-Afghan border. The Talibani spokesman said that this suicide attack has been done to take revenge for the death of an innocent women and children that died in Bajore. It is known that the Pak army along with the NATO army had killed more than one hundred Talibani extremist within four days in the second week of August near the tribal area on the Pak-Afghan border especially near Bajore. In this anti Taliban Military action 9 soldiers of the Pak army were also killed.

Now, the question is from where do these attackers or their bosses get inspired for suicide bombs? Is it a result of religionist education or an eccentric inspiration? How does a savage action get a place in the mind of a suicide bomber?

If we look into the history of suicide bombers, first of all the organization work of suicide bombers started in 1980. Its first biggest experiment was done in 1983, when a truck full of explosives was collided with a very safe and big building in Beirut by a suicide bomber. Three hundred people were killed in this suicide bomber truck explosion and hundreds were injured. This attack was done to worn America and British armies.

This scheme was liked by the people revolting for freedom of the country and many other armed organizations in different parts of the world. After that, this method to fight was followed by the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka and armed organization like Hamaas in Palestine. After that when the attackers and the people revolting got a positive result, there was an increase in the work of suicide bombers.

At the present time there are about 30 countries in the world that are affected by suicide bombers or there are chances of being badly affected. Mainly the suicide bombers are getting training in Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. The suicide bombers are being mentally prepared for a suicide attack in these countries.

An individual walking alone can perform his job easily in a crowded place. Whereas if the place is very secure and watched or barricaded, the suicide bombers collide a car or a truck loaded by explosive driven by him against the place to be exploded. In very few cases, such suicide bombers can be checked. In the terrible and painful history of these suicide bombers, many lives have been lost. The former Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi and the President of Sri Lanka Ranasinghe Premdassa have also lost their lives because of suicide bombers.

The experts have different opinions about the eccentric nature and the mentality of suicide bombers. Most of the people are of the opinion that the work of suicide bombing is because of the excesses of American and allied army in many countries. After the successful experiment in Beirut in 1983, this policy was adopted by many rebels.

Whereas, some people are of the view that martyrdom in the Islam religion which gives such inspirations. But after seeing the non Islamic suicide bombers such as the Tamil Tigers, these words do not sound true. But this can be accepted that such attacks were started because of the opposition of America and its allies and are increasing now. The suicide bombers being heard in Iraq are most likely with the motive to oust the American armies and their allies and let the Iraq people live freely.

About the question of Islamic inspiration, none of the Islamic saints have done such work of suicide or suicide bombing. No religious leaders have inspired it. No such writing is written in any Islamic scripture. Islam gives inspiration to lay the life for the truth and not to bow before untruth. To aim at the innocent and unarmed is anti Islamic.

If today some poor children or youths are inspired for crusade, heaven or in the name of Islam by the terrorist organizations, it is not good. It is a sin. Islam does not like unnatural death. Then how can a suicide bomber be a claimant of heaven? If such bomber does a crime of giving his life in an unnatural way then he is also a culprit of many other innocent killings. But those who show them the way to heaven, those fundamentalist, religionists and religious leaders are also culprits that deserve punishment.