US Will Take Away Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons: Geelani

Predicting America’s attack on Pakistan, the chairperson of hardline faction of separatist amalgam, Huriyat Conference, Syed Ali Shah Geelani has said that America’s main aim is to take over the nuclear weapons of Pakistan.

“Pakistan is the only Muslim country to have nuclear weapons and this has not gone well with America”, Geelani said adding, “America is making every possible means to weaken Pakistan and take away its nuclear weapons”.

The senior separatist leader, who is being considered as hardliner, said, “America’s claim that Pakistan is providing sanctuary to the terrorist, is in fact aimed at providing justification for US troops to attack Pakistan. In near future, America is going to attack Pakistan; an ally to US in war against terrorism”.

He said that Pakistan will face the same fate as that of Iraq and its leaders would be given the same treatment as given to former Iraqi President, Saddam Hussain.

Geelani said that America does not care about friendly countries. “It can leave them to lurch if its interests have been served”.

“The Pakistani establishment should not have surrendered before the US after 9/11. They should have resisted the US hegemony”, he said, adding, “The present turmoil in Pakistan is the repercussion of Pakistan’s surrender to the US after 9/11”.

It is pertinent to mention here that Geelani is a die-hard Pakistani supporter. However, after his differences with Pakistan President, Parvez Musharraf, he has been maintaining distance from Pakistan. He misses no opportunity to criticize Musharraf and has said his one-sided flexibility on Kashmir is hurting the Kashmir cause.

Meanwhile, another senior separatist pro-Pakistan leader, Shabir Shah has expressed his concern over the precarious situation in Pakistan. He said that the politicians, opposition leaders and ulemas in Pakistan should help the Pakistan government to control the situation. He said that if necessary measures are not taken to control the situation this time, there is every possibility that it will plunge Pakistan into civil war, which can lead to devastation.

Fayaz Wani reports on life in Srinagar, Kashmir.