US Remains Fully Committed to Expand Civil Nuclear Cooperation With India

The United States of America today reaffirmed commitment to expand civil nuclear cooperation with India.

According U.S. Department Spokesperson Victoria Nuland, the Obama Administration fully supports the “clean” Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) exception for India and speedy implementation of the US-India Civil Nuclear Cooperation Agreement.

“Nothing about the new Enrichment and Reprocessing (ENR) transfer restrictions agreed to by NSG members should be construed as detracting from the unique impact and importance of the U.S.-India agreement or our commitment to full civil nuclear cooperation.” -Ms. Nuland

She said efforts in the NSG to strengthen controls on the transfers of ENR are consistent with long-standing U.S. policy that pre-dates the Civil Nuclear Agreement and have been reaffirmed on an annual basis by the G-8 for years.

According to Ms. Nuland, the NSG’s NPT references, including those in the ENR guidelines, in no way detract from the exception granted to India by NSG members in 2008 and in no way reflect upon India’s nonproliferation record.

“These references reinforce the commitment of NSG members to prevent the transfer of items that could be used for weapons purposes, which is the mission of the regime itself and a basic nonproliferation principle shared by India.” -Ms. Nuland

Ms. Nuland said the United States remains fully committed to expanding civil nuclear cooperation with India, and the United States has also made clear its strong support for India’s full membership in the four export control regimes, including the NSG, in a phased manner.

She said the U.S. government is pleased that Foreign Secretary Rao led an Indian delegation on an outreach visit to the NSG in the Hague earlier this spring.

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