Unbiased and Independent Inquiry Vital for Bomb Blasts and Communal Violence

“Unbiased and independent inquiry must be held in every incident of bomb blasts and communal violence,” said Suresh Khairnar who is a noted social activist, and has been working against communalism since Bhagalpur riots 1989.

Suresh Khairnar has been part of fact-finding missions in bomb blast incidents like Malegaon 2006, Nanded 2006, Nagpur RSS HQ 2006, Malegaon 2008, Khairlanji 2008, Mecca Masjid 2006, Batla House 2008 and over 60 communal riots.

“After the confession of RSS associate swami Aseemanand it is clear how Hindutva fundamentalists have been involved in the so-called terror attacks,” said Suresh Khairnar.

Investigating agencies of the Government of India like the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) never paid heed to our fact finding reports after so many bomb blasts and communal riots – we believe if CBI and the government had paid heed to these reports, a lot of damage could have been prevented to the secular fabric of this country.

To make a community feel insecure is to create a threat to the security of the country. Therefore the acts of all the Hindutva activists involved in terrorist incidents must be treated as anti-national. The organisations including RSS should be banned just like the Government has banned SIMI and other islamist organisations.

“We believe that a thorough, unbiased and independent probe is necessary to bring out the truth behind terror attacks and communal riots in India,” said Suresh Khairnar.(CNS)