Two Terrorist Plots Foiled in Islamabad, Pakistan

LAHORE: Two Terrorist plots have been foiled in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. Police have arrested 4 suspects and have seized two cars full of ammunition in two separate incidents.

Police stopped a suspicious car at the Golra Toll Plaza on one of Kashmir’s main highways and subsequently found in it heavy ammunition including automatic rifles. Police arrested the two suspects who were driving the car bound for the federal capital. According to police, 11 automatic rifles, 7 pistols, 3 12mm rifles, 5 binoculars and thousands of bullets have been recovered from the car.

The second car was seized in the Tarnol area of Islamabad where the Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) of the Islamabad Police Department arrested two suspects and recovered Kalashnikovs, pistols, and thousands of rounds of ammunition from the car.

Binyamin, Inspector General of the Islamabad Police Department has also confirmed that the police have arrested four suspects and have seized thousands of rounds of ammunition.

Atif K Butt
Atif K Butt is a young Pakistani journalist and translator based in Lahore.Atif has worked with print and electronic news organizations. He contributes to various newspapers and magazines as a freelancer. Access him through NewsBlaze or visit his blog at