Two Rhinos Killed Following Census Operation in Kaziranga National Park

Day after the conduct of rhino census operation in Assam’s Kaziranga National Park (KNP), two one horned rhinos were killed by a poacher in the park and they managed to flee with its horn.

Poachers killed two rhinos in the world heritage site on Tuesday night, officials said.

The national park has lost 19 rhinos in this year so far.

Forest guards found the bodies at Rangajan area near Biswanathghat in Sonitpur district and at Bagori forest range area.

“When the bodies were found, their horns were missing,” the official said.

On Tuesday, Assam forest minister Rockybul Hussain said the KNP has made a remarkable achievement in increasing the population of one horned rhinoceros by 39 in a single year.

The recent census report said the rhino population in KNP is now 2329, an increase of 39 in the past one year from 2290.

The state forest minister said it is an achievement in wildlife conservation.

“The rhino killing incidents reflected a worried picture in wildlife conservation in KNP,” said Niva Medhi, a wildlife lover of Assam.

Recently, the state forest department had deployed 300 armed jawans of Assam Forest Protection Force (AFPF) in Kaziranga National Park to protect wild animals and fight against poacher.

Since 2001 to 2013 up to February, a total of 143 rhinos were killed in the world heritage site.

Recently, the state government reported that a total of 143 rhinos were killed in Kaziranga in past 12 years.

From 2001 to 2013 up to February, total 143 one horned rhinos had been poached in the national park.

The state government revealed that during the period, poachers killed 10 rhinos in 2001, 5 in 2002, 6 in 2003, 5 in 2004, 12 in 2005, 9 in 2006, 19 in 2007, 12 in 2008, 14 in 2009, 8 in 2010, 9 in 2011, 22 in 2012 and 12 in 2013 up to the month of February.

Hemanta Kumar Nath is a correspondent in Assam, India, who reports on local news in Assam, the north east Indian state.