Thirty Thousand Pakistanis Died From Terrorist Attacks in Last 10 Years

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton today reported that thirty thousand Pakistanis have died from terrorist attacks in last 10 years during an interview with Nick Schifrin of ABC News.

During the interview, Ms. Clinton mentioned that there are three things that the U.S. wants Pakistan to work on with them.

“We believe that we have to continue fighting, we have to start talking, and we have to keep building.” – Ms. Clinton

She said there is no doubt, if there ever were, that there are sanctuaries in Pakistan that are the sites of the planning and operationalizing of attacks against Afghans, Americans, and others.

She stressed that there also the sites of attacks against Pakistanis.

“Thirty thousand Pakistanis have died from terrorist attacks in the last 10 years. So this is an area that should be one of mutual cooperation. You can squeeze these sanctuaries. Maybe not everyone is susceptible of a military action, although the Pakistanis have taken action against the Pakistani Taliban in the past two and a half years, which we were very encouraged by.” -Ms. Clinton

Ms. Clinton highlighted that the Afghan people can do a lot to help the U.S. government in making sure that they don’t cross the border.

“You can help us find them when we are looking for them. You can cut off all connections between elements of the military or the intelligence service who provide information and give advance notice – we know for a fact – to certain elements of these terrorist groups. So in the fighting category, there’s a lot they could do.” -Ms. Clinton

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