Taliban Vows More Attacks After Easter Bombing in Pakistan

Easter Bombing by Pakistani Taliban Splinter Group

After claiming they are responsible for the deadly attack that killed at least 70 people, mostly Christians, and wounded 300 civilians in the Pakistani city of Lahore, a splinter group of the Pakistani Taliban issued a threat that attacks like the Easter bombing would continue.

Ehsanullah Ehsan, a spokesman for the splinter group of the Pakistani Taliban known as Jamat-ul-Ahrar warned Pakistani authorities that more attacks are coming to bring terror in the Muslim nation.

The terrorist group also announced that the terror attack was intentionally targeting Christians as well.

A powerful explosion rocked the Pakistani city of Lahore on Sunday evening, at a time when families gathered to celebrate Easter holiday at Gulshan Iqbal Park, resulting in the loss of lives including children and women.

US Condemns Deadly Attack in Pakistan

In the aftermath of the attack in Pakistan, the United States of America today expressed condemnation of the attack that killed at least 70 people and wounded 300 civilians.

In his remarks in Washington DC, Assistant Secretary and Department Spokesperson John Kirby said the act was cowardly.

The United States stands with the people and Government of Pakistan at this difficult hour.” – Mr. Kirby

On behalf of the American people, Mr. Kirby send his deepest condolences to the loved ones of those killed and injured.

Mr. Kirby underlined that such attacks deepen the two countries’ resolve to defeat terrorism around the world.

We will continue to work with our partners in Pakistan and across the region to combat the threat of terrorism.” – Mr. Kirby

Candlelight Vigil

ITV news reported a candlelight vigil was held after the Easter bombing. People attending the vigil called for unity in the country, for Christians, Muslims and all Pakistanis.

candlelight vigil after Easter bombing.
ITV news reports a candlelight vigil was held after the Easter bombing.

Record of terror

This is not the first time for Pakistan to be hit by a deadly suicide attack. In fact in 2013, a suicide blast at the funeral procession of a slain police officer killed at least 38 people including three senior police officials and more than 50 have been injured in the south-western Pakistani city of Quetta. Most of the dead and injured were policemen as the blast occurred outside Police Lines’ mosque where funeral prayers for a slain police officer were to be held.

Last year, suicide blasts killed 14 people when suicide bombers attacked a Christian community in Lahore. The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for that attack and even later warned of more to come.

Pakistani Taliban Faction Behind Easter Bombing

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