SPAM Government Violated the Hindu Nation of Nepal

It is almost two years since the non elected Seven Party Alliance along with the Maoists grabbed power from the king of Nepal. The political changes brought about by the strangest of political bedfellows has calculatedly moved ahead in erasing the centuries-old identity, heritage and religion of a Hindu Nation.

Nepal with its close to thirty million population is predominantly Hindu and Buddhist. The conspiratorial manner in which this present self nominated parliament went ahead and declared Nepal as a Secular nation is a violation committed against all the Hindus of Nepal and against all Hindus around the world.

Deliberately ignoring the Nepali people’s rights as citizens to decide on their nation’s religion, the SPAM government slapped the Nepali people in their faces. This was all to appease the international bodies, governments, INGO’s, who had supported and funded the political parties. Also the various foreign religious forces who had their own hidden agendas pressed to carry on with their missions in Nepal.

The sinister political combine mainly led by Girija Prasad Koirala, Madhav Kumar Nepal, Pushpa Kamal Dahal remotely controlled by international forces has brought a proud, independent and sovereign nation to its knees. Nepal is an ancient land, tapo bhoomi where human civilizations have existed continuously since twenty to thirty thousand years ago.

It is a land belonging to the ancient Vedic Civilization of Bharat. It is a land of Shiv and Parbati, of Ganesh, a land of the Mahabharata and Ramayana. The Himalayas are the abode of many ancient rishis, munis and holy men who like Veda Vyas, Balmiki, and others produced the greatest of philosophy, literature and teachings that is known as Sanatan Dharma.

In the west it is broadly known as Hindu religion. It is a land of Pashupatinath, Lord Rama and Janaki Sita, worshipped by all Hindus. It is the land of Gautama Buddha the Enlightened One, whose teachings of Ahimsa, Dharma and Nirvana has spread around the world. Nepal has been a gateway for the spread of Hinduism and Buddhism which have become two of the major religions of the world. One wonders, why is such a great, peaceful land in turmoil, stress and on a destructive path today.

The answer is to be found in the political ideologies of Marxists, Maoists, Socialists of Nepal who have no respect and love for the religion of the majority of the people. These ideologies that originated in the west and spread to other countries are recent failed political beliefs propounded by mainly dictators to establish authoritarian, totalitarian dictatorship of the party.

Communists and their allies are united in achieving their goals of creating a New Nepal by destroying the Hindu identity of the Nepali nation and people. The Nepali Congress Party for the sake of political power and expediency willingly embraced the Communists, their arch rivals, and in the process have joined hands in violating a peaceful and deeply religious people.

The establishment of a Maoist, Marxist, Socialist and Secular state is being carried out on the basis of destroying the ancient Hindu civilization of Nepal. Cultural reconstruction and destruction is a calculated plan of the communists to plant the seeds of their foreign ideologies which have been rejected around the world. Our religious priests, places of worship, pathsalas, dharmsalas, devasthans, gaushalas and pilgrimage centers are all vulnerable to the violence being committed. Many of our religious pundits have been murdered, hundreds of Brahmin priests and pujaris have all fled from Nepal and are now residing in Rishikesh, Haridwar, Mathura, Vrindavan and in Varnasi.

Our religious festivals, rituals, religious holidays and practices are all being attacked. The present self-declared secular government and the prime minister have attacked the sanctity and role of a king in a predominantly Hindu country. According to the communists of Nepal, the bonds and values that the people hold dearly, revere and respect are nothing but feudal forms of backwardness that need to be violently deconstructed.

Charging anyone who is religious and being nationalistic as regressive and feudal, they have carried out a campaign of hatred and duplicity. Putting on long red tikas on their foreheads, and pretending to support religious freedom is nothing but a sham and propaganda. The Nepali people are smart and clever enough to see through this charade. Our culture, spiritual practices, customs and festivals are all being violated.

The sad tragedy is that the Brahmin politicians who dominate the present political alliances have abandoned their roles as protector of dharma and discarded their religious responsibilities by foolishly declaring themselves as being liberated, communists and secular. This is a form of dishonesty, fraud and sham behavior only done to please foreign paymasters and foreign beliefs.

The SPAM led ruling government has done immense damage that will take a generation to be corrected. The present state of anarchy and Nepal being a failed state is a symptom of the beliefs and corrupt, practices of the dishonest political leaders.

Where is the illuminating light of wisdom, of emancipation, of enlightenment in these present dark times?

The first step in correcting the many wrongs can be done by Nepal being restored as a Hindu, Buddhist nation, where the faith of Omkara is practiced by the majority of the people. Nepal had never known religious violence, now the seeds are being planted to import the scourge of secularism that has divided Hindu society in neighboring India. The sooner the Nepali nation regains its true identity, unique culture, religion and civilization, the better it will be for all.

Nepali Hindus and Buddhists cannot be accepting of intolerant violent political beliefs from secularism to communism. Where is the dharma, ahimsa, karuna, daya, maya, moksha, nirvana being practiced by the present regime in Nepal?

Dharma Rakschati Dharma !!

Om poornam adah, poornamidam poornath, Poornam udachyate !! Poornasya poornam adaya, poornam eva, avashishyate !!

Om Shanti !! Shanti ! Shanti !

Buddham Saranam Gacchami !!

Kamal Pande

Bishal Shah

Sher Bahadur Gartola

Kamala Parsai

Nhucche Narayan Dangol

Rishesh KC

Shanta Lal

New York City, USA

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