C-nario Strengthens North American Presence with Appointment of Neil McGowan

C-Nario, the leading developer and provider of state-of-the-art digital signage technology, announced today that Neil McGowan has joined the company as President and COO Americas. McGowan spent the past three years as Senior Vice President of International Markets for VeriSign Communications Services. As President and COO of C-nario, McGowan’s top priority will be an expansion of sales and increased visibility in the North and South American markets.

“From LAX to JFK, Times Square to Singapore, C-Nario’s technology is a major presence in the world of digital signage. My goal as President and COO is to further strengthen and expand that presence in the Americas,” said McGowan. “Consumer preference for digital signage over other forms of advertisement makes this medium the way of the future, and the innovation and dynamism at C-Nario ensures that their products are always ahead of the curve.”

Neil McGowan has more than two decades of experience in the high-tech industry, primarily in global communications. Before joining VeriSign, McGowan was vice president and general manager at Openwave Systems, and has held key roles with Silicon Graphics Sub-Saharan Africa, Kasenna Inc. and Tandem Computers.

According to C-nario CEO Arnon Diskin, “Neil is an entrepreneurial leader with proven ability to formulate product strategies for new markets. His experience in business development, increasing sales, corporate marketing and product management combine to make the ideal candidate for the position of President.”

Neil McGowan’s appointment follows the recent announcement of industry veteran Sam Losar who joined the C-nario team as General Manager Americas.

About C-nario

C-nario is a world-class provider of end-to-end software-based digital dynamic messaging and signage solutions across all industries, including advertising, corporate, public, media and entertainment sectors. C-nario’s cutting edge technology enables unparalleled playback and management capabilities of complex better-than-broadcast quality video displays in an extensive range of high traffic environments. To date, the company has deployed in 26 countries through its global partners and international value-added resellers. C-nario is part of the Carmel Ventures portfolio, Opus, and a member of the Disk-In Group, established in 2002.The company has offices in the United States, Europe, Asia and Israel. For more information about C-nario, visit www.c-nario.com.

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