Sharp Introduces Plasma Cluster Ion Generators for Clean Air

Sharp introduced in India its Plasma Cluster Ion Generators, a patented one-of-a-kind technology. It generates the same type of +ve and -ve Ions. It has similar concentration and balance as found in a forest where the air is pure and fresh.

Sharp Plasma Cluster Ion Generators are extremely quick in removing bad smell like the smell of food in the dining room, smell of cigarette smoke, paint fumes, toilet odor, garbage odor and pet smell. It removes dust, prevents morning allergy, and is a great aid for asthma patients. Incidentally 1/3 of the world’s asthma patients are from India.


Mr Sinha explained that nature gives us pure air. The clean, fresh air grow around you with Sharp’s Only-One Technology. Pure water and fresh air are twin pillars of life.”

However, while most water-borne contaminants cause diseases which are curable, airborne diseases are often life-threatening. The need to have fresh air is perhaps equally or more compelling than mineral water.

The product produces Hydroxyl which is considered as one of the most important atmospheric oxidants. Such as Nature’s detergent, is extremely effective in removing viruses, destroying bacteria, killing germs around pets, stopping mould and fungal growth, removing pollen and dead ticks. Unlike air purifiers which only clean the air which passes through them, plasma cluster ion generator produces Fresh Air and nature’s detergent as well.


This unique technology by Sharp is now in use in various other household devices of Sharp to make our life healthier and better. Few such types of equipment are air conditioners, refrigerators, humidifiers, vacuum cleaners and dish washers. The product is widely used at airports, hotels, hospitals, homes, offices, airline lounges and cars.

Application for Plasmacluster ions continue to expand. The effectiveness, merits and safety of plasmacluster ions are appreciated highly by corporations across the world. This has resulted in adoption of the plasmacluster technology in a wide range of products such as residential gas and effluent devices and automotive equipment by 24 Companies around the World.


The Plasmacluster Ion Generator is available in all consumer electronic retail outlets in India. The Plasmacluster FU-W28E (PCI Generator & Air Purifier), FU-W43E (PCI Generator & Air Purifier), IG-A10E(PCI Generator) costs Rs. 14,999, 19, 990, and 19,990 respectively.