Israel Tries to Enlist Hollywood in Its Propaganda War

Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon met with a delegation of senior members of the American film industry from Hollywood. The group included the producers of Adam Sandler’s movies and agents for Nicole Kidman, Johnny Depp and various other celebrities.

During their meeting, the producers of the film industry talked about regional political issues with an emphasis on the efforts to combat the delegitimization campaign against Israel.

“It is important that a group with such wide influence arrive in Israel and are exposed in an objective manner to the real Israel, beyond its image in the international media,’ said Ayalon.”

Minister Ayalon seems to have missed the point altogether. Possibly having an office at the Knesset or the Israeli Parliament as well as a whole building of the Foreign Ministry under his control have completely disconnected him from reality.

Here on the battlefield, things look very different from his view upon the Olympus of Israeli political might. Is there any doubt why Israel is losing the PR War? Allow me to elaborate.

Israel is trying to enlist Hollywood in her propaganda war. Time to put a stop to it.

The Israeli government is flying in and giving VIP treatment in Israel at its expense to those influential “Hollywood types.” We call it “buying votes.”

An “impartial, realistic view of Israel?” Who is stupid enough to fall into this trap? The Foreign Ministry’s might has been assembled to present a false and misleading view of Apartheid Israel.

And what about Jerusalem, where the Foreign Ministry is situated? Not far away is an Islamic cemetery where a new Wiesenthal Tolerance Center is being erected. “Tolerance,” a convoluted use of a precious word.

How about Israel’s view internationally? The Media is either owned by or controlled by Jews, from CNN to Murdoch’s empire, Fox News to Jewish Life TV. From Al Jazeera to the New York and Los Angeles Times, many of the reporters are themselves Jewish. So what’s the problem?

If Israel has any complaints about the international coverage, maybe it should look inward and see what more than half its populace already know from watching these so-called “Jewish controlled” media. The Palestinians must have a state of their own. The millions of refugees in camps around the world should have a right to return and reclaim their homes from which they were driven by Zionist settlers and colonial occupiers.

How dare Israel claim that international coverage is skewed when it is brought to you courtesy of, and under the control of the Jews themselves? The Nazis could not have done a better job of propagandizing the news than these “Jews.”

Clearly there is a very sinister scheme within the Israeli Government. Ayalon who was the Ambassador to the USA and later in charge of supporting immigration from America to Israel, must have other motives in bringing those who have a say in Hollywood to the Jewish State.

“As is generally known, during the initial days of the formation of the state, Hollywood produced several movies that described Israel in a positive light as a developing nation in her formative years, movies like “Exodus” that is known to all.”

The truth is finally revealed for the world to hear and see. Israel’s Government is engaged in propaganda of the most rudimentary form.

The task is enormous. We need to deceive the world and take it away from the Ccnflict in which the Israeli military might is used to quash the defenseless, powerless and poor Palestinians.

Israel is trying to divert the world’s attention from the atrocities it is accused of committing on a daily basis. Add insult to injuries and deaths and try to screw with our collective minds as well?

The Jews really have Chutzpa! Quite nervy for the Israeli Minister of International Deceit and Propaganda to engage in broad daylight, solicit and mislead Hollywood. Simply, there is no shame!

Where are you, Spielberg and Streisand, Katzenberg and Gibson? Why are you not standing for professional integrity and telling Israel there are limits even to her evil intentions? Are the war crimes she is committing in your eyes not sufficient? Must we all now be misled by Israel’s propaganda machine?

Time to tell Minister Ayalon that Hollywood will not stand for this deception. There are a few courageous voices like the Israeli and Palestinian. They portray the true pictures in documentaries and film dramas. Some say they betray their country. Others have highlight the courage to stand and deliver.

They focus on the suffering [of the Palestinian People], they show Israel for all she is [merciless and brutal]. They, few and far between, are coming out now, and their flow will continue to increase until they become a raging sea that drowns Israel and pushes her into the sea.

Just recently, the Arab Film Festival was held at the University of Southern California, a premier school for cinematography, where true voices emerge. There was no need for what Israel’s Ministry calls “BRANDING.” Other ministries of the Israeli Government are subsidizing the efforts of a courageous few. Israel has already branded herself.

The truth needs not be sold and marketed for the facts were presented clearly in light of day. Our enemies know the time is now to stand up, speak against, and stop Israel’s true reality from ever seeing the light of day.

Israel will attempt to buy Hollywood and assume control, but Israelis will continually stand up against their government’s efforts and join the enemy in their depiction of the “true” Israel.

The Minister concluded with a promise.

“We will do everything to turn Israel into an attractive destination for Hollywood productions.”

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