Sensational Report Reveals Identity of ULFA’s New Chief

Who is Dr. Abhijit Barman alias Dr. Abhijit Asom, the new chief of hard-line faction group of United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA)?

Well, the identity of the new chairman of ULFA has baffled everyone as no one is sure about the identity of the man behind Dr Abhijit Asom.

Assam police and security agencies have no information, records about the ULFA chief.

In 2011, the hard-line faction ULFA had declared Dr. Abhijit Barman as the new acting chairman of the organization after its chairman Arobinda Rajkhowa and other top leaders were arrested in Bangladesh and recently ULFA had declared Dr. Abhijit Barman alias Dr. Abhijit Asom as the new chairman of the organization.

In past three years, security agencies had been trying to collect records, information about the new chief of ULFA, but they had failed.

But the sensational report has came to light about the identity of the ULFA’s new chief.

Dr. Mukul Hazarika, a general practitioner in Britain is the man behind the ULFA’s new chief. This sensational report revealed by a local news channel of Assam NE TV on Monday.

The news channel revealed that Dr. Mukul Hazarika is the man behind Dr. Abhijit Asom, who is a general practitioner worked in Britain.

“Dr. Mukul Hazarika along with Dr. William Entwistle, Elanie Catteric worked at a private hospital in Billingham in England,” the news channel said.

A senior scribe of the news channel, Biju Deka said Dr. Mukul Hazarika alias Dr. Abhijit Asom was born at Puranigudam Kachari Gaon in Nagaon district of Assam and he was part of the 1970’s MBBS batch of Guwahati medical College students.

“Dr Mukul Hazarika is the coordinator of a website named Assam Watch and he submitted reports on human rights to United Nations (UN) several times,” Biju Deka said.

The news channel had aired the sensational report on Monday.

“I had meetings with several top leaders of ULFA including Bijoy Das alias Bijoy Chinese, the deputy c-in-c of ULFA and one of the closed person of ULFA’s c-in-c Paresh Barua alias Paresh Asom, but they don’t know who is Dr Abhijit Asom,” Deka said.

The scribe say they have continued the operation to collect information of the ULFA’s new chief and have collected the sensational report as well.

Meanwhile, the hard-line faction ULFA has not released any statement after the news channel aired the report.

Hemanta Kumar Nath is a correspondent in Assam, India, who reports on local news in Assam, the north east Indian state.