Security and Terror in Nepal

Nepal will hold the municipal elections in a free and fair manner and in a peaceful way so as to institutionalize democracy as per the King’s wishes, in the context that the country was made representation-less by the political parties when they were in power by dissolving the parliament and the local bodies.All the Nepalese, who believe in democracy, should make the elections successful.

The seven political parties should take part in the elections so as to move the country ahead in a democratic way. The election is being held to institutionalize democracy by the King as per the people’s wishes. A congenial environment for fulfilling the aspirations of the people to vote has been created for free and fair elections, and posters and pamphlets have been extensively pasted all over the country. Ballet boxes are enough and in upright condition.

The local administration is fully committed not to allow any activities against the elections and aimed at destabilizing it. People are discussing and making consultations among themselves regarding the elections. Cadres of political parties which had said they would boycott the elections, have also said they will take part even if independently even if their parties did not allow them to contest the elections. And door to door programs have been conducted for that purpose.

As the fundamental duty of the state is to protect the lives and property of the people, the security forces have been successfully mobilised by King. As a result, the people have started feeling more safe and secure. The mindless violence and conflict had hit every sector of the country. Education was one of the worst hit sectors due to the violence and terrorism. The terrorists forcibly closed down schools and threatened and abducted students and teachers in the past. As a result, classes were frequently disturbed and courses were never completed in time.

Similarly, the past few years saw heavy politicisation of academic institutions. This seriously affected the teaching and learning atmosphere as well as quality of education. But after the February 1 Royal move, there has been positive changes in the education sector as well. Owing to the improved security situation, schools have now been running smoothly, which has given new hope for students, teachers and parents. According to a report, most of the schools now have completed courses ahead of time. This is a matter of satisfaction for all.

Education is the basic foundation of a nation’s development. The country cannot make progress on any front in the absence of skilled and qualitative human resources. Access to education is the right of all children. No one has the right to deprive the children of their right to education. However, unless we provide quality education for our children, we cannot secure a better future for them. The disturbance in the schools was a deliberate attempt to spoil the future of the country.

Thus, all sectors including the political forces, civil society and general people must be aware of such elements who want to create chaos in the country to meet their petty interests. Schools are a zone of peace, where conflict and tension should not be allowed. For this, all people, irrespective of political ideology, must work sincerely so that the teaching and learning process would continue smoothly. Now the situation has significantly improved, which has helped schools and academic institutions to run smoothly without any disturbances.

Bahadur Singh
Bahadur Singh is a Nepal-based journalist, who writes about the political goings-on in Kathmandu and other areas.